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Zuckerberg teamed up with Hocking at a cost of $100 million (Figure) – signal detection of extraterrestrial Beijing Beijing on 25 September, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reports, the social networking site Facebook founder Zuckerberg, Russian entrepreneur Milner and the famous British physicist Hocking, officially launched cost $100 million "breakthrough to" plan, using the most advanced astronomical telescope. Detection from "Proxima B" signal. Scientists previously found in only 4 light years from earth where there is a rocky planet Earth "Proxima Centauri B", believe that with life conditions, many scientists inspired. Data figure: "Proxima Centauri B" may be suitable for the reproduction of life environment. Breakthrough listening in January this year, led by Milner and Hocking set up to detect the presence of 1 million or so close to the planet of intelligent living beings. Breakthrough listening will use two advanced telescopes from the Parks Observatory in Australia to detect low power radio signals. Although 4 light-years distant, but scientists believe that future generations of the ultra high speed spacecraft, but Proxima Centauri in decades "arrived in b". Hocking warns that humans should find them before they find them. Hocking said that if received signals from extraterrestrial beings, humans must be cautious response, like the first time the Native Americans met Columbo".相关的主题文章: