Zong Qinghou 290 million migrant workers are back home can solve a lot of jobs dingxiangwuyuetian

Zong Qinghou: 290 million migrant workers are back home if Zong Qinghou can solve the employment problem of great development of service industry and urbanization can effectively solve the problem of employment at present, the "double" work is like a raging fire, which solve the problem of employment is an important part of the management work, as a long-term concern about the employment problem of entrepreneurs Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. chairman and general manager Zong Qinghou, said in an interview with reporters Chinese economic network, the "double" work to solve the employment problem will play an important role in promoting the development of the construction industry, and third towns will be the effective way to solve the employment problem. Zong Qinghou believes that the "double" is actually a stage of production, solve the assignment problem, the central government has proposed to double the income of the people before 2020, we want a comprehensive well-off society. "After a production capacity of two incomes, can stimulate domestic demand, we can develop the third industry, at the same time, after a production capacity of two production efficiency, increase the income, it will not need so much labor, so the labor can transfer to the third industry. While the third industry is more suitable for young people to start, because the investment stage if you haven’t so much capital, strength, entrepreneurship is very difficult, but as the third industry service industry I think it is easier to start. In addition, compared with the developed countries, China’s third industry has much room for development." "I think urbanization can also solve a lot of employment opportunities." Zong Qinghou said, "now we have about two trillion and ninety million migrant workers in the coastal city, if these two hundred and ninety million migrant workers have returned to their home town to go, I think it can also solve the employment problem of great." He proposed that can put some traditional coastal industries, originally the products will be sold all over the country, moved it to the Midwest town, attract people to return home to work, such as the accumulation of population, population, education, health, accumulation, culture, including real estate industry can be developed, employment opportunities more. So if you really put the urbanization up, I think there are still some jobs, the third industry development, employment opportunities are." Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: