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Zhejiang international trading financial assets supervision should be taken into account: Xu Yaoqi FinTech intelligent control of Zhejiang international financial asset trading center chief operating officer Xu Yaoqi Sina Francisco September 14th message, sponsored by Sina Technology theme "future state" of the second session of the Sina C+ summit held in Beijing yesterday to Jinmao Risorgimento Hotel, Zhejiang International financial asset trading center chief coo Xu Yaoqi participated in the theme of "the future of gold" dialogue. In the eyes of Xu Yaoqi, financial risk has four categories: the currency risk control, credit risk control, leverage, liquidity management is out of control, out of control. Xu Yaoqi believes that the financial risk is the reason why, because the existence of arbitrage space, but the biggest risk from the government, financial industry arbitrage arbitrage, arbitrage arbitrage industrial entities and individual enterprises, and even individual investors arbitrage. For the recent unusually hot FinTech, Xu said that after the FinTech in the regulation of this piece must take into account the intelligent control. The financial industry is to talk about market discipline, is a one-way, is disclosed, must be upgraded to market collaboration. Participants, both sides of the conflict of interest, as well as regulators, as well as a number of collaborative service providers must upgrade market incentives to market collaboration. (Xu Li) following Xu Yaoqi speech: I’ve stayed in the financial industry, in BlackRock, you know it is the largest Asset Management Co in the world, but we do not know it with a set of management software in the world about 1000000 customers $8 trillion in assets — BlackRock solutions. This solution has two pillars, one is the power of science and technology, power to power, computing power, storage capacity of more than 10 of the 9 Party, this is a magic number. The Milky Way is 10 of the earth 9 times, 9 times many of the 10 are from quantitative into qualitative change. This is the power of science and technology. The two is the service force, I summed up the look, it must be connected to the service, after connecting to provide content services, after the entire hardware service, followed by artificial control the formation of software services, the next step is to put it into the platform, anyone can participate in me, I can also participate in anyone, but in the end but the cooperation form, creating value rather than conflict of interest, this is the future of the financial big trend, one is the trend of science and technology, a service is the trend. Talking about people, three risks, war, natural disasters and financial risks. For hundreds of years, there are four major types of financial risk: monetary risk out of control, credit risk out of control, leverage out of control, liquidity management out of control. A lot of people say that the financial risk is the three risk how to effectively avoid and manage? From the money supply before 2008, there are more than 50 kinds of digital currency, was put forward in 2009 after the block chain has more than one thousand kinds of mathematics or science of monetary currency, we refer to the concept of risk is to the center, has more than one thousand kinds of currency, and are not quantitative supply, unlimited supply of money. Credit, the center is to trust, the cost of centralization is very high, over the past two hundred years all the storms are caused by the government, the government is the only.相关的主题文章: