Yunnan, a university teacher over more than 3 thousand and 600 quarters of mooncakes

Yunnan, a university teacher over more than 3 thousand and 600 quarters to send moon cakes "during the festive season", the Mid Autumn Festival on the freshman just school, will seem more special. School of business, Yunnan Normal University, taking into account the needs of the students, before the festival will be more than 3600 boxes of moon cake, sent to the more than 3 thousand and 600 student hostels. Mid Autumn Festival for students to send moon cake is the traditional box of moon cake is a large red cake, surrounded by 4 small moon cake around. The school board chairman Zhang Nanhong explained: "moon cake gift ideas in the middle of the red cake said we are a collective, to the feast reunion like cakes. Four small moon cake moon cake gift box, a symbol of the students from all corners of the country together in the business school, the school in this warm family, everyone together to celebrate the mid autumn festival." Yunnan Normal University business school teachers and students more than 18000 people, a total of more than 3600 student hostels. 13 at noon, Zhang Nanhong and the school leadership team to Haiyuan and Yang Lin two campuses, school teachers and students to send moon cake blessing. 14, the middle school through the cadres, counselors who went to the school every floor of each dormitory, will be sent to each of the students in the hands of a blessing. Mid Autumn Festival for students to send moon cake has been followed by many years of tradition of Yunnan Normal University, a freshman, said: This is the traditional moon cake, people feel warm heart. Leave home so far away to study, but not alone." More than 4800 new students to attend the opening ceremony of the 14 day, the normal university business school held a grand new report on the performance of the new military training, and held a grand opening ceremony of the 4800. More than 3500 new school campus Haiyuan 1300 freshmen, Yang Lin campus, after 14 days of military life, to show the Yang Lin campus stadium, gymnastics, boxing and other programs, ceremonial performances. Zhang Nanhong said in an interview, the school season, graduation season, are the key nodes of student life, students and parents, all students are expected to have precious University School, Graduate School of memory, attention to seize the important growth of nodes, to convey the school’s educational ideas, not negative students and parents expectations. 35 freshmen to school leaders mysterious about to meet the new students, the school of commerce also held a school leader mysterious about activities, a total of 35 freshmen to draw the way to get this opportunity. 35 freshmen divided into 7 groups, respectively, went to the leadership of the 7 hospitals about the mysterious". School party secretary Yuan Hongkai introduced, in such a special way of orientation, aims to create a "home" atmosphere, let students feel fully from school care; also can close understanding of students’ ideas and requirements, provide a reference for future teaching work. The original red Kay said, 7 college leaders are very serious, the development of distinctive activities.相关的主题文章: