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Yanan two men ask for gambling failed illegal detention of a person eventually jailed Shaanxi court network for man was a few years ago gambling failed, and others have tied the debtor, thus ultimately receive penalty. In October 25th, the court of Yanchuan sentenced the case in court and sentenced the defendant Wang Xu to imprisonment for 6 months for the crime of illegal detention. In January 30, 2016 17, Wang Xusui Wang Qiang (handled separately) came to a village in Yanchuan county to Guo Peng for gambling, because Guo Peng will not pay back the money, Guo Peng pulled the car to the county Dun, Guo Peng has still not pay back the money, two people pulled Guo Peng out of the city Wang Yong home village, in Wang Qiang’s proposal Guo Peng tied hanging on a tree. Then, Wang Qiang kicked Guo Peng’s feet and left, and Guo Peng took the opportunity to unlock the rope and get out of the alarm. After the incident, Wang Xu and Wang Qiang reached an agreement with Guo Peng to give financial compensation. The court held that the defendant Wang Xuhuo and Wang Qiang factors to gambling illegal deprivation of liberty, and the use of binding means, which constitutes the crime of illegal detention. In joint crime, the defendant Wang Xu with Wang Qiang illegal detention, played a minor role, is an accomplice. Defendant Wang Xu once had criminal record. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China, the two person made the above judgment. (the characters are all aliases) Note: video only for extended reading. One day 300 men’s interest debt owed to illegal detention

延安两男子索要赌债未果 非法拘禁他人终获刑 陕西法院网讯男子因讨要几年前的赌债未果,竟与他人捆绑债务人,最终因此领刑罚。10月25日,延川法院当庭宣判该案,一审以非法拘禁罪判处被告人王旭有期徒刑6个月。2016年1月30日17时许,王旭随王强(另案处理)来到延川县某村向郭鹏索要赌债,因郭鹏无钱还债,便将郭鹏拉到车上带至县城逼债,郭鹏仍还无钱还债,二人又将郭鹏拉到城外王勇老家的村中,在王强的提议下将郭鹏捆绑吊在树上。随后,王强在郭鹏身上踢了两脚后离开,而郭鹏趁机解开绳子脱身报警。案发后,王旭和王强与郭鹏达成协议给予经济补偿。法院经审理认为,被告人王旭伙同王强因索要赌债非法剥夺他人人身自由,并使用捆绑手段,其行为构成非法拘禁罪。在共同犯罪中,被告人王旭配合王强实施非法拘禁,起了次要作用,系从犯。被告人王旭曾具有违法前科。遂依照《中华人民共和国刑法》的相关规定,对二人作出上述判决。(文中人物均为化名)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 一天利息300 男子欠赌债遭非法拘禁相关的主题文章: