Xiong Dailin was full of his husband said to be impressed by his sincerity clonecd

Xiong Dailin is said to be the husband out of sincerity Xiong Dailin in new network on 24 September, according to Hongkong, Ming Pao reported that 35 year old Xiong Dailin [micro-blog] and Kenix Kwok [micro-blog] Brother Guo song earlier this month in Hongkong marriage registration office to apply for marriage, 3 months to complete the registration formalities of marriage. Shanghai is busy filming Xiong Dailin, 23 noon to return to Hong Kong, and quasi husband Guo song wedding. The spring breeze face to see Xiong Dailin Guo song at the airport, with the sweet smile. She praised Guo song for good people and filial piety, give out. Guo song 3 years older than Xiong Dailin, in 2013 after the divorce with his ex-wife and Xiong Dailin have been dating for two years, sweet honey. In March this year, Xiong Dailin announced the acceptance of Guo song happy marriage show explosion engagement ring, said Guo song sincerity. Notice of marriage before the submission date of two people exposed, the wedding officially entered the countdown stage. Xiong Dailin day before the interview for the movie schedule change, take until November, so at the end of 11 to 12 at the beginning to get married. October 10th is Xiong Dailin’s 36 birthday, she said that marriage is the best birthday gift this year. (commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: