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Xi’an one district, one night, many households were burglary, police involved in the investigation, Xi’an district one night, many households were burglary. Western broadcasting network (Shaanxi radio and television station "City Express" reporter Wang Jin Zhang Kun) entered the winter, and to the time of fire prevention and theft, everyone must carefully check whether the doors and windows are closed before going to bed at night, but dare not give the thief a chance to take advantage of the machine. In November 8th, when she met Miss Wang in a community next to Century Avenue in Xi Xian new district, she recalled the dangerous moment she had last night, and she still had a lingering fear. Residents Ms. Wang: "Oh, I think now afraid of dying, I am a person at home, my bag was on the table in the living room, you now to pull me to the ground, turn out of order." Yes, yesterday evening, Ms. Wang’s house into a thief, the other while Ms. Wang was sleeping, the house upside down, a few packs containing cash and spared, the thief’s behavior to let Ms. Wang feel fantastic. Ms. Wang: "it lost more than 2000 dollars, but I only feel ridiculous is that also left me 200 dollars, I do not know what it means, is not my poor." Carefully check several backpack, Ms. Wang found that the thief not only deliberately left 200 dollars, and the bag change ID card bank card will not move, see, when turning package, the thief is one by one to do the screening, so calm and relaxed, as can be imagined the thief’s much courage. Ms. Wang: "the rest of the doors and windows are closed, and this kitchen with the original I left the gap is not the same, must have moved."." Ms. Wang living area the total height is 5 layer, two layer on her home near the staircase, and the vaulted glass plate in front of the building, the reporter found a clear shoe, because the shoe is just After rain the sky looks blue., there may be a burglar left yesterday. Subsequently, the reporter also saw Ms. sun, she lives in a building adjacent to Ms. Wang, the theft last night, she is also one of them, and because the house on the first floor, the thief’s entrance is more simple. Ms. Sun: "up in the morning, because the bag is placed here, but open, wallet stole 900 dollars, (Apple) cell phone on the table did not exist."." Ms. Sun: "you see, there are footprints, and then climb up, I have not closed the window, there is no barrier bar."." According to the police investigation, in the theft last night, Ms. Wang, who lived in the New District of Jintai Road garden area, 4 stolen, but this figure does not include those who did not steal the thief home. Community residents: "the window was pushed out, and we began to think about whether we pushed it ourselves, and finally found that it was not, and pushed out of such a big seam."." At present, the police branch of Xianyang Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation, and also remind the general public, before the evening rest, please check whether the doors and windows are closed, do not give the thief a chance to take advantage of the machine.

西安一小区一夜间多户遭入室盗窃 警方介入调查   西安一小区一夜间多户遭入室盗窃。   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《都市快报》记者 王进 张坤)进入冬季,又到了防火防盗的时间段了,大伙晚上睡觉前一定要仔细检查好门窗是否关严,可不敢给小偷可趁之机。   11月8日,在西咸新区世纪大道旁的一个小区见到王女士时,回忆起昨晚所经历的危险时刻,她仍心有余悸。   小区居民王女士:“哎呀,我现在想想都怕死了,就我一个人在家啊,我的包本来在客厅的桌子上,你看现在全给我拉到地上了,翻的乱七八糟。”   没错,昨天晚上王女士的家里进贼了,对方趁着王女士熟睡之际,将家里翻了个底朝天,装有现金的几个背包无一幸免,而且小偷的行为让王女士觉的匪夷所思。   王女士:“这里面丢了两千多块钱,但是我唯一感到可笑的是,还给我留了200块钱,我不知道是啥意思,是不是看我可怜。”   仔细查看几个背包,王女士发现,小偷不仅刻意留下200块钱,而且包里的零钱身份证银行卡等一概没动,看得出来,当初翻包的时候,小偷是一一做了甄别,如此淡定轻松的心态,可想而知这小偷的胆子有多大。   王女士:“其他的门窗都是关着的,就厨房这块儿跟我当初留的那个缝隙不一样,肯定是动过了。”   王女士居住的小区总层高是5层,她家位于靠楼梯间的二层,而在一楼门前的拱形玻璃板上,记者发现了清晰的鞋印,鉴于刚刚雨过天晴,这处鞋印很有可能是昨天小偷入室盗窃时留下的。   随后,记者也见到了孙女士,她就住在和王女士相邻的一栋楼上,昨晚的失窃,她也是其中之一,而且由于家住一楼,小偷的入室显得更加简单。   小区居民孙女士:“早上起来,由于包在这儿放着,但是打开,钱包偷走了900块钱,(苹果)手机在桌子上放着没了。”   孙女士:“你看这还有脚印,然后这样爬上去的,我这个窗户没有关好,也没有防护栏嘛。”   根据民警的调查,在昨晚的失窃中,王女士他们所居住的西咸新区金泰丝路花园小区共有4户失窃,然而这个数字可不包括那些小偷没偷成的居民家。   小区居民:“窗户被推开了,我们开始还想着是不是我们自己推开的,最后发现不是,推开了这么大一个缝。”   目前,咸阳公安秦都分局刑警队已经介入调查,在此也提醒广大市民,晚上休息前,请检查好自家的门窗是否关严,切莫给小偷以可趁之机。相关的主题文章: