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Wuhan market selling crabs "cabbage price" media reports after the public panic buying – Beijing, Beijing, Wuhan, February 18, (Ma Furong) "about one or two of the male crab, 3 yuan (RMB, same below) a pound; 1.4 about two of the male crab, 5 yuan a pound." In February 18th, Wuhan baisazhou seafood market crab sold cabbage price, triggered public panic buying. The media reported on 17, Wuhan baisazhou seafood crab market wholesale price lowest 1 yuan a pound, the most expensive per kilogram wholesale price is less than 30 yuan. See the report after 18 days, many people come to the white sandbar seafood market. Reporters on the scene 18, some of the shops selling crabs in front of long queues. When there are businesses moving out of crabs, people will panic. Reporters noted that, compared with 17 yuan 1 yuan, 3 yuan crab prices, the same specifications crab prices rose on the 18 day. One citizen said, 17 days, she bought 2 pounds of crab meat about one or two yuan per kilogram. For prices, many people have expressed dissatisfaction with their businesses questioned price hike". In this regard, the merchant Sun Dafu told reporters, indeed, the public at 1 yuan to buy crab at about 17 yuan, are less than one or two of the small crabs. After the media reports, "one yuan crab" has long sold out. In the face of the current shortage of demand, some merchants increased prices, customer dissatisfaction. After consultation, 18 on the morning of 11 pm, sun Da Fu and other businesses shipped more than 2000 pounds of crab, to sell 3 yuan, 5 yuan price, "according to yesterday (17 days) the standard price for everyone." Another businessman Zhang Zhuzhong introduced, this year, crab prices plummeted. The wholesale price of media coverage in 1 yuan crab, for example, last year, the crab wholesale price of about seven or eight yuan. In previous years, the wholesale price of more than 30 yuan, this year can only sell 15 yuan. Even the best crab, wholesale price per kilogram is less than 30 yuan. Why is the crab falling so far? A merchant said, influenced by the cold waves, this crab up later Tang, small size, and a new round of seeding time comes, farmers concentrated in Tang now, lead to a sudden surge in supply. Wuhan Baishazhou private individual workers association of crab branch president Yang Daoyi said that before the Spring Festival crab farmers "gambling price pressure", and now do not sell crabs, "like a swarm of bees" to go out, the market is saturated and is also one of the reasons why prices downward. (end)

武汉一市场螃蟹卖“白菜价” 媒体报道后市民抢购 -中新网   中新网武汉2月18日电 (马芙蓉)“一两左右的公蟹,3元(人民币,下同)一斤;1.4两左右的公蟹,5元一斤。”2月18日,武汉白沙洲海鲜大市场螃蟹卖出“白菜价”,引发市民抢购。   有媒体17日报道称,武汉白沙洲海鲜大市场螃蟹批发价最低1元一斤,最贵的每斤批发价也不到30元。   看到该报道后,许多市民18日来到白沙洲海鲜大市场。记者18日在现场看到,一些卖螃蟹的门店前排起长队。每当有商户搬出螃蟹,市民就会抢购。   记者注意到,与17日1元、3元的低价蟹相比,同等规格螃蟹的价格在18日有所上涨。一市民介绍说,17日,她以每斤2元的价格买了几斤一两左右的公蟹。   对于价格上涨,有许多市民表示不满,他们质疑商户“坐地起价”。   对此,商户孙大付向记者表示,确实有市民在17日以1元左右低价买到了螃蟹,都是一两以下的小螃蟹。经媒体报道后,“一元蟹”早已抢购一空。面对当前供不应求的场面,部分商户提高了价格,顾客因此不满。   经协商,18日上午11时许,孙大付联合其他商户运来2000多斤螃蟹,以3元、5元不等的价格卖出,“按照昨天(17日)的价格标准给大家的。”   另一商户张主忠介绍,今年以来,螃蟹身价大跌。以媒体报道的批发价在1元的螃蟹为例,去年该类螃蟹批发价在七八元左右。往年批发价在30多元的,今年也只能卖到15元。即使是最好的螃蟹,每斤的批发价也不到30元。   螃蟹身价大跌原因何在?一名商户表示,受寒潮影响,今年螃蟹起塘时间稍晚,个头小,而新一轮下苗时间来临,养殖户集中在现在起塘,导致供应量一下子猛增。   武汉白沙洲个体劳动者私营企业协会螃蟹分会会长杨道义表示,春节前蟹农们为“赌价”,压着螃蟹不卖,现在又“一窝蜂”地往外卖,市场饱和,也是价格下行的一个原因。(完)相关的主题文章: