Women’s open micro shop 12 hours door-to-door imprisoned and rob candle june

Women’s open micro shop was imprisoned 12 hours door-to-door rob shop selling goods in WeChat, is not what happens. Miss Yang, Taizhou, Huangyan also opened a women’s clothing store, a customer bought a dress, and asked her to deliver the door. Naive Miss Yang did not expect her door-to-door after being illegally imprisoned for up to 12 hours, and during robbing jiese. After the police fully cracked, the suspect has been arrested and criminal detention. Female micro quotient door-to-door for more than 12 hours, Huangyan people miss yang, more than 20 years old, beautiful fashion, not long ago, she opened a micro shop in WeChat, monopoly female clothing. Around 17 p.m. in the evening of January 20th, she received a message from a man who wanted to buy a dress for his wife. Three years ago, the man added "Miss Yang" to the "nearby people". Seeing the business coming, Miss Yang was very happy. Not only did he praise his wife, but he also gave him a discount. The man also readily captured without demur. However, he made a request, hoping that Miss Yang can send clothes to a rented house located in the village behind the Jiangkou street in Huangyan. Miss Yang’s residence is not far from here, she promised. Miss Yang resolutely, wrapped in clothing, made in the past. The man is at home alone. He said, "my wife hasn’t finished yet. Please wait for Ms. Yang for a while and wait for my wife to try it after work. Miss Yang promised, but waited for nearly half an hour, also did not see the man’s wife back. Outside the sky is dark, Miss Yang and strange man to coexist in a room, found that men repeatedly steal her eyes, she was afraid, saying that there are urgent things, must go back before 6. A man, a face change, rushed to the rental housing door closed. He pushed Miss Yang down on the bed, fumbled, and tried to take off her clothes and commit sexual assault. Because Miss Yang just period, men did not succeed. The man tied up Miss Yang and asked her to hand over his cell phone, bank card and password. Miss Yang had to do it. That night, the man from the bank card removed 6000 yuan in cash, to return to the room of Miss Yang hands. It was not until 6 a.m. on the second day that the man released miss yang. But he buttoned Miss Yang’s cell phone and identity card, "I have your home address, you dare to call the police, I can kill you at any time."." The victim is yinshechudong unexpectedly rushed to empty out of Miss Yang immediately after the alarm, police station rushed to the man in rental housing, but people have been running. The landlord said that the house was rented three days ago to the other side, when the other party said ID card in the factory, a few days later you can get back. Landlord believe, did not expect three days on the accident. The detection of resistance. Miss Yang suddenly thought, the man buckle down her mobile phone and identity card, gave her a phone number left, said if you don’t call the police, will consider the phone and identity card back to her. Miss Yang, holding the mood to try, hit the number, and the man answered it. At the behest of the police, Miss Yang lied that there was no alarm, but she was going back to her hometown immediately. She needed a mobile phone and ID card to buy the ticket. The man promised to ask Miss Yang to meet at a supermarket. Six

女子开微店送货上门被囚禁12小时劫财劫色   在微信上开店售卖商品,已不是什么新鲜事。台州黄岩杨小姐也开了家女装店,一名顾客买了件衣服,并要求她送货上门。   天真的杨小姐没想到,她送货上门后被非法囚禁长达12小时,期间被劫财又劫色。   经警方全力侦破,目前嫌犯已落网并被刑拘。   女微商送货上门   被囚禁12小时多   黄岩人杨小姐20多岁,美丽时尚,不久前她在微信上开了家微店,专卖女性服装。   1月20日傍晚17时左右,她收到一男子发来的信息,称想买一件衣服送给老婆。该男子三天前通过“查找附近的人”加了杨小姐好友。   看到生意来了,杨小姐很开心,不仅夸他疼老婆,还给他打了折扣。男子也爽快,二话不说就拍下了。不过他提了个要求,希望杨小姐能把衣服送到位于黄岩江口街道山后洋村的一处出租房内。杨小姐住处离那里不远,她答应了。   杨小姐雷厉风行,包好服装,就送了过去。男子一个人在家。他说,老婆还没下班,请杨小姐等一下,一会儿等老婆下班后试穿好再走。   杨小姐答应了,可等了近半个小时,也没见男子老婆回来。   外面天色已黑,杨小姐和陌生男子共处一室,发现男子多次偷瞄她,她害怕了,说还有急事,必须6点前赶回去。   男子一听,脸色大变,一个箭步冲过去把出租房的门关上。他将杨小姐推倒在床上,一通乱摸,并试图脱掉她衣服实施性侵。因杨小姐刚好来例假,男子才没有得逞。   男子捆好杨小姐,要她交出手机、银行卡及密码。杨小姐只好照办。当晚,男子从银行卡内取走6000元现金,回到房间又对杨小姐动手动脚。   直到第二天早上6时,男子才将杨小姐放了。不过他扣下杨小姐手机和身份证,“我有你家庭住址,你敢报警,我随时可以上门弄死你。”   受害人引蛇出洞   不料还是扑了个空   杨小姐脱身后立刻报警,江口派出所民警迅速赶到男子出租房,但人已经跑了。   房东说,房子是三天前才租给对方的,当时对方说身份证押在厂里,几天后就可以拿回来。房东相信了,没想到三天就出事了。   侦破遇阻。杨小姐突然想到,男子扣下她手机和身份证后,给她留了一个手机号码,说如果不报警会考虑把手机及身份证还给她。   杨小姐抱着试试看的心情打了这个号码,果然是男子接的。在民警的授意下,杨小姐谎称没有报警,不过她马上要回老家,买票需要手机和身份证,希望男子把这些东西归还。   男子答应,约杨小姐在一家超市见面。民警着便衣前往。可是,把手机和身份证交给杨小姐的却是超市老板。老板说,一个男的把手机和身份证交给他,让他转交。   两案串并   警方抓获嫌疑人   侦破再次遇阻。   不过,民警查询报警记录后,发现1月4日黄岩区东城街道也发生过一起类似案件。而且,两案嫌疑人都是30多岁、身高1.7米的短发男子。   调取作案现场一带的监控,1月22日,民警锁定一名有抢劫前科的安徽籍男子韩某。   警方在韩某可能出现的几个地方进行埋伏。这几天正值大寒潮,民警冻得直发抖。   功夫不负有心人。1月26日中午,在一处出租房附近蹲点的民警发现一个人行迹十分可疑,迅速将其抓获,很快确认正是韩某。   34岁的韩某是安徽涡阳人,2003年曾因抢劫罪获刑5年。出狱后,他到黄岩跑车谋生。去年年底,妻子和他争吵后离去,他在赌博中又输了不少钱,就萌发 了抢劫的念头。1月4日,他在东城街道的一间出租房,拘禁一年轻女性,并实施性侵,又从对方信用卡上取走3000多元。此后,他换了出租房,又对杨小姐下 了手……   韩某已被刑拘。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: