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Why high star paycheck to the guards? Industry insiders Amazing Truth Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This article from the WeChat public number: CCTV financial film industry stand on the outlet, the influx of hot money, star paycheck is rising. The star of "high price" fee become a hot topic in the film industry. In the case of Xun Zhou, 2014 film "Red Sorghum", the price of 30 million yuan has shocked the entertainment, but in this shot as "Yi biography", amazing paycheck has billions of dollars. At the end of August, SARFT issued a circular, including "resolutely curb the" high price "star paycheck and wealth etc.". Movie star paycheck has always been a hot topic. The United States, Forbes published 2015 to 2016 the world’s list of actress income, to $17 million, or about $110 million, ranked fifth, becoming the only Chinese actress selected. This is the second consecutive year Fan Bingbing list. In covering the recreation and sports, culture and media industries in 2015 Forbes Chinese celebrity on the list, the income in the top 100 actors in the majority, their annual income reached 10 million yuan, like Fan Bingbing, Jackie Chan, Huang Xiaoming, Sun Li, Zhao Wei and other stars is more than 50 million yuan in annual income. This does not include the star’s personal investment operating income. Rising star paycheck is market behavior, but the existence of false speculation, may not be beneficial for film production. Audience: Shanghai movie star paycheck accounted for most of the writers to make sure the corresponding script will be much smaller, the film will affect the quality. However, if good actors to play movies, high paycheck is normal, but not all of the actors should be offered. Shanghai movie audience: like this one ten star ranking even Fan Bingbing to the top five, I feel the same four of Hollywood stars, they beat out all aspects of quality of film quality than Fan Bingbing or a little higher, because I think there is a lot of film Fan Bingbing hit many shot out of the quality for having heard it many times, there is a little bit question. Shanghai movie audience: Please star is more fans, if not his fans, it is impossible to choose to watch this movie. Shanghai movie audience: if most of the budget is spent on the stars above, certainly in the production is not so good. However, foreign film market may their actors fee is very high, but their professional quality is very high. But instead he sent some of these small domestic meat, film performance skills. A lot of the audience that the phenomenon of the current star price paid reflects the excellent actors and fans helped scarce economy. Because of some favorable capital, making the script quality to be fine, so by the star Yan Zhilai play the leading role, the industry has gradually become a trend, and then affect the film quality. High Group CEO stamped steel: we can really show the highest domestic actor how many movies, don’t say that can affect the whole world, like Tom? Cruise, we have this level of Jackie Chan film相关的主题文章: