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Want to follow the body to eat meat? Investment institutions to be careful of the fund’s pit pit Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Want to follow the body to eat meat? You may be customized fund investment institutions pit do not know of the Christian Democrats, with institutional investors do not necessarily get the same treatment and mechanism. Huang Huiling institutions customized fund boom surging at the same time, the first half of the fund has been a large number of institutional investors redeemed. Such as the establishment of a lot of new funds in the bull market, due to the low income and institutional funds gradually abandoned. What will be the impact of the large redemption of the fund? Whether people can follow the mechanism of meat soup? From the semi annual report, we can see the following situations: "the most popular, is because of the huge jump in the net and redemption fee. In the first half, there are more than just playing the new fund staged such skyrocketing prices. Cathay Pacific is the highest concentration of C (002059), a single day rose by 90.57%, net worth almost doubled. In addition, Cathay health pension paid regularly C (002061), yifangda Xinyi E (001315), C (001380) Peng Hong Sheng and other funds, also has a similar one-day event. However, the agency redemption may also have a negative impact. A short-term redemption pressure, some funds passively sell assets to meet redemptions, such as new impetus to Germany Debon fund’s (002113). The fund in 2015 annual report disclosure of information, institutional investors accounted for up to 96.4%, net assets of $2 billion 115 million. In the semi annual report can be seen, institutional funds have all been withdrawn, leaving 33 million yuan for individual holders of $100%. Since the fund’s main assets for bonds, in response to the withdrawal of more than 2 billion yuan a year, a huge amount of funds, the first half of its main task is to sell bonds in exchange for cash. At the end of last year, the fund accounted for up to 100.03% of net bond (bond funds in the process of operation, usually through repo financing leveraged transactions, which will lead to more than 100% of the total net debt phenomenon), bond assets of 2 billion 116 million yuan, and by June 30th, accounting for only 6.10% of net debt ratio, debt assets of 2 million 40 thousand yuan. The first half of the fund’s bond investment losses of 16 million 730 thousand yuan, net growth rate of -1.61%. It can be speculated that, in order to deal with the redemption and passive sale of bonds, bond trading may lead to the timing and transaction price is limited, resulting in investment losses. For large redemption, passive trading, as well as fluctuations in the fund’s net value, whether the fund investors to explain? Access to the fund’s semi annual report, which only one sentence: the fund is relatively stable in the first half of the performance, the net value of the bond market as a result of the impact of credit risk concerns, a slight fluctuations in the period." For large redemption during the period and possible effects, are mentioned. The example of the new dynamic of the German state tells us that the withdrawal of institutional funds not only allow the fund from 2 billion yuan相关的主题文章: