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Voltaire: the philosopher who doesn’t lie is not a good lover. [Abstract] Voltaire is a man who has a strong vanity, a hard mouth and a smart job. He thinks he is a outstanding genius, no one can do nothing to him, but really want to do what he is, know how to protect themselves. According to Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu: these names often appear in for having heard it many times, our high school textbooks, they are called "Enlightenment philosopher". With a long fluffy curls, dull facial expressions, tight shirt collar…… They invented the separation of the three powers, advocated rationalism, resistance to religious oppression in the middle ages…… Our understanding of them seems to have ended here. But in fact the enlightenment is always accompanied by controversy, it is from the French Revolution so close to the philosophers once regarded as the cause of the bloody culprit; after World War II, Rousseau was regarded as a source of totalitarian thought. However, in the American historian Peter · Gaye view, enlightenment is an important factor in the creation of modern western democracy. Recently Peter · Gaye s works of "age of enlightenment" published, we intend to stop by independent journalists clouds retreat look back to that era, through some means the life side re looked at them, such as Montesquieu’s eye, Voltaire is keen on Holzer Bach’s mistress, Newton of the circle of friends, Diderot’s letters. If you have a new understanding of them, even if only a little bit, but also a happy thing. Yesterday pushed the Montesquieu: I and who are not fighting, who and I argue that I disdain, today to write this article to push the Voltaire. "Look, isn’t that Voltaire?" Sure enough is him. One September 1749 morning, Voltaire was seen sitting in the white stone steps, her face in her hands, trembling. He is easy to shake, weak constitution makes him even in the summer are very easy to feel cold, the servants busy firewood for him; but today, Voltaire trembling down two lines of clear tears, messy gray hair was hanging out from his finger joints. He was crying for mrs.. The lady with his amphibious flying has been fifteen years, in order to Voltaire, her husband and a son and daughter are thrown into the side. In 1733, Voltaire because of a "philosophical letters" to the court, escaped from Paris, I want to find a temporary place, who knows suddenly met Mrs. chatelet. Beauty ah! How can we refuse such a person? I want a lamp, but get a sun – he would have left such a famous saying, but unfortunately, the head of the table. Voltaire this man, vanity is very strong, very hard mouth, while doing things very clever. He thinks he is a outstanding genius, no one can do nothing to him, but really want to do what he is, know how to protect themselves. His books are published anonymously, at that time, in principle, even if the book style shows that certain Voltaire’s book, the government doesn’t prosecute him. Another of his other works, the dictionary of philosophy, was anonymous. In his later years, he wrote to a friend, "I never want to hear anyone say that this book was written by me". He said that this book is a collective creation, it is necessary to bear the responsibility of everyone together.相关的主题文章: