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Alert   "chain reaction caused by prostatitis; – Health Channel – wary of" chain reaction "prostatitis caused life examples: Chen and his wife harmony, but because of social needs, he often accompany clients to the bar, KTV. He loves drinking, often into seafood barbecue, spicy food, often playing mahjong. Occasionally can not stand the temptation, but also with social women sexual relationship. Recently, he felt micturition endless, frequent micturition, urgency, occasionally lower abdomen, perineal pain, bulge and discomfort. As a result of privacy, he did not go to a large hospital, but secretly to a small clinic consulting. Did not check the results, there is no record of medical records, the clinic’s old experts told him that it is prostatitis, and said it would be contagious, not immediately cure will inevitably lead to impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual function. Chen after listen to very afraid, he accepted the so-called "traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine combined treatment of high-tech", taking a pile of "nano excimer of traditional Chinese medicine". The symptoms not only alleviate the fear of the disease, Chen appeared to pour more and more heavy, poor sleep, sex couples "no mood", and the emergence of erectile problems. Wife to produce the grievances, Chen greater psychological pressure, in the life of husband and wife on the performance worse, finally relationship has been very tight…… After some hesitation, Chen finally plucked up the courage to walk into our andrology hospital consulting room. For a closer look at the causes of "chain reaction" in the doctor asked patiently, enlighten, Chen made prostate fluid routine, urinary B ultrasound examination confirmed he was suffering from chronic prostatitis. Arguably, prostatitis is not what a serious illness, why will trigger a chain reaction, and finally lead to Chen couple living on the verge of collapse? The study found that prostatitis can affect the verumontanum and caused the increased sensitivity, so it can be premature ejaculation or spermatorrhea; also can cause pelvic and perineal, testicular and other related areas of pain and ejaculation pain. But the impact of the prostate sex life is more than lack of sexual health knowledge. Some patients believe that prostatitis infection, sexual life will aggravate prostatitis, leading to patients who did not dare to live, and produce pain, depression and other negative emotions. And not regular sexual life, but not conducive to the rehabilitation of prostatitis. Even worse, a lot of formal medical institutions, intentionally exaggerated prostatitis harm, that patients receiving regular treatment, illness last only to alleviate the psychological burden of patients will become more and more serious, can not play in the normal life". When sexual life affects the relationship between husband and wife, new problems have emerged. Previous studies have shown that the incidence of erectile dysfunction is 26%, and the disharmony is up to 57%. In fact, the lack of trust in sexual partners, do not cooperate, blame is an important factor in the psychological erectile problems. Thus, this is the psychological erectile function problems buried hidden dangers. From suffering from prostatitis, to the psychological burden, to the impact of sexual relations, and then to his wife complained, and finally lead to psychological sexual dysfunction, which is caused by prostatitis, a chain reaction". Medication + good habits: break the chain reaction model we found through the study, patients with chronic prostatitis, accept a subject)相关的主题文章: