U.S. media Chinese sent fighters to the South China Sea and the Yongxing island 11 Flying Leopard fi widcomm

U.S. media: the South China Sea Chinese Yongxing island 11 fighters and sent Flying Leopard fighter data figure: F -11BH landed at an airport in South China sea. According to the Fawkes news (Foxnews) reported in February 23rd, 2 U.S. officials said that Chinese has been to the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea Island sent fighter. According to reports, the U.S. intelligence officers in the past few days found China to Paracel Islands in the South China Sea Yongxing Island sent fighters -11 and leopard (JH -7 fighter). Earlier, foreign media sources said that China deployed two sets of ground to air missiles (red flag -9) to the island, including 8 transport vehicles. The report pointed out that China had previously sent fighters to Yongxing island. Last November, Chinese media released images of the -11 fighter on the island. According to U.S. media exposure China deployed red flag -9 missile issue Yongxing island in the South China Sea, China responded that the Paracel Islands territory Chinese, China for decades has been in Paracel Islands on the deployment of various homeland defense facilities, is not what new things, and this Never mind of the South China Sea "Military", this is Chinese sovereignty within the scope of things, reasonable and lawful. It is hoped that the countries concerned should not engage in unnecessary or ulterior motives, and do more to help the peace and stability of the region.

美媒:中国向南海永兴岛派遣歼11与飞豹战斗机 资料图:歼-11BH降落在南海某机场。   据美国福克斯新闻(Foxnews)2月23日报道,2名美国官员表示,中国已向南海西沙群岛的永兴岛上派遣了战斗机。   据报道,美国情报人员在过去几天发现中国向南海西沙群岛的永兴岛派遣了歼-11和飞豹(歼轰-7)战斗机。此前,有外媒消息称中国向该岛部署了两组地空导弹(红旗-9),包括8辆运输发射车。报道指出,中国以前就曾向永兴岛派遣过战斗机。去年11月,中国媒体就曾发布岛上歼-11战斗机的图像。   针对美媒曝光中国在南海永兴岛部署红旗-9导弹一事,中方回应称,西沙群岛是中国固有领土,中国几十年来就一直在西沙群岛上部署各种国土防御设施,不是什么新的事情,这与所谓的南海“军事化”没有关系,这是中国主权范围内的事情,合情、合理、合法。希望有关国家不要进行无谓或别有用心的炒作,多做有利于地区和平稳定的事。相关的主题文章: