Trump has filed a lawsuit in China filed for trademark lawsuit 660003

Trump has filed a lawsuit filed for trademark in China, the original title: Trump actually filed an administrative lawsuit in China, of course, in the end he lost…… Trump. Data figure in 2006, when Trump is ready to apply for English TRUMP trademark in China, he found that he had two weeks ago by a man named Dong Wei registered.. In 2015, he filed an administrative lawsuit, finally being abused…. Losing the….. Laughter is the most, but also to pay one hundred yuan… A year later, he became president of the United states… So, Dong Wei, who later blew, and the United States won a lawsuit… I don’t know if Trump will stay on as president!!! There are a lot of friends to find Trump toilet cover, the trademark of the outlet of Trump: in case of a Scorpio is a Scorpio, Trump………… Think about it…. The following is a comment: @ three private note: this Trump knows how to play China law, learning technology to the barbarians, later will use China rules to play with China. Ouyang Feng worry: finished. The gentleman revenge, no later than ten years: the female trickster @ Khitan is a whistle blower. @PETZ Asian Organization: "Uncle Zhang to laugh cry]] " cry]]  cry]]  "to laugh; smile; smile" cry]] Trump waved his hand in front of Zhongshan Park, a paper knife flying all over the sky. "The Beijing intermediate people’s Court of corrupt ah!" Suddenly sprang beside a small van, down several plainclothes men, the suddenness of a thunderbolt put his head into the car according to mongolia. After a flurry of peace, calm. When Trump woke up, he was lying on the lawn of the white house… Su little: this sentence is no problem…… Slow also have Viagra registered name, well-known protection does not include foreign @,: an American, traveled to China rights is a kind of what kind of spirit? @sakura12: a foreigner, you want to win a lawsuit in our country? See the major foreign car companies in China encounter responsibility editor: Zhang Dong相关的主题文章: