TOYOTA traffic safety experience strong attack 魔界骑士イングリッド

TOYOTA traffic safety experience activities in October 22, 2016 with a strong hit, "let you live" as the theme of the public transport experience activities in the West Plaza Chaoyang District blue harbor business district held, attracted many people’s attention and participation. The event was sponsored by TOYOTA (China) Investment Co., Ltd., wheat Shop Street office, designed to enhance the public awareness of traffic safety through a wealth of interesting game experience.         in addition to the continuation of the previous "life safety belt", "drunk and lost experience outside the project,   organizers added a" child safety seat "and" reflector box test "two links, in order to allow participants to feel the children safety seat in the protection of children’s car safety play a prominent role in dark environment and reflecting on pedestrian protection. "Life safety belts" link "drunk" link lost child safety seat to experience the organizers of this event for the first time in the most popular VR technology and public activities combine to improve the original project, let the participants to experience the VR experience for pedestrians crossing the road "and" car wheel differential VR experience". VR glasses and traffic scene technology connection, experience VR glasses can be personally on the scene into the corresponding scene, really feel in maintain a safe distance from the intersection with the vehicle is an effective way to protect its own security. The event, a participant in the pick VR glasses, excitedly told the staff, said, really close to the vehicle, the kind of "pass" contact is terrible! It’s really important to keep a safe distance and obey the traffic rules! VR accident experience on the evening of seven successful completion of the event. So far, TOYOTA traffic safety experience activities perfect ending. For a long time, good results have also received a lot of support from the relevant departments and the masses. Interesting activities to attract foreign friends to participate in the organizers said, traffic safety has been one of the hot topics of social concern, TOYOTA motor (Chinese) Investment Company Limited will continue to spare no effort to help you to improve traffic safety awareness with the public way, and the idea spread to more civilized society.相关的主题文章: