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Torres refused to invite the pro Cheng price Super 5 team will remain in the horse competition crown – Sohu sports Torres will stay at Atletico   although Torres returned to Atletico Madrid after the performance in general, but the last two rounds of the League of successive sheets Legion break. This summer, Torres and Ma Jing’s contract expires, the future Torres caused a lot of attention to the team. Although the peak is no longer, but Torres still got from the Super League teams, "Marca" broke the news: a total of 5 China club wants to bring Torres. Ma Jing in the game against Getafe in the 1-0 victory, Torres scored the only goal of the game, the recent competitive state recovery trend. The Super League club in the winter transfer window resorted to a series of big international football so shocked, and Torres after the end of the season can be free to transfer it to many clubs began to beat Spain striker ". China club is willing to pay high salary for Torres, but the player was refused. If Atletico is willing to sit down and talk, to stay at Calderon stadium or Torres’s first choice. The fans also called Club sheets Legion to retain Torres, after all, the future FIFA may make signings ban effect again. But the attitude of Ma Jing Torres was disappointed, but I don’t like the Spanish striker for money to play soccer. Even if not in the Calderon stadium, there will be a lot of European club invitation to Torres, the Spanish center free identity is the biggest win of capital for his new contract. (Bourbon) 托雷斯拒中超5队天价邀约 亲承将留在马竞争冠-搜狐体育 托雷斯将留在马竞    托雷斯虽然二进宫马竞之后表现一般,但是最近两轮联赛接连为床单军团破门。今夏托雷斯和马竞的合同将到期,未来托妞的去向引起了很多球队的关注。虽然已经巅峰状态不再,但托雷斯依然得到了来自中超球队的邀请,《马卡报》爆料:共有5支中国俱乐部想要引进托雷斯。   马竞在对阵赫塔菲的比赛中1-0艰难取胜,托雷斯打进全场比赛唯一进球,近来竞技状态有复苏的趋势。而中超俱乐部在今年冬季转会窗口接连祭出大手笔让国际足坛为止震惊,而托雷斯赛季结束后可以以自由身转会则让给很多俱乐部开始打西班牙前锋的主义。中国俱乐部愿意为托雷斯支付不菲的年薪,但遭到球员本人的拒绝。   如果马竞愿意坐下来谈判,留在卡尔德隆球场还是托雷斯的首选。而床单军团球迷也呼吁俱乐部能够留住托雷斯,毕竟未来国际足联可能让引援禁令再次生效。不过马竞的态度让托雷斯感到失望,但西班牙前锋本人也不愿意为钱去中超踢球。即使不能留在卡尔德隆球场,也会有很多欧洲俱乐部向托雷斯发出邀请,西班牙中锋的自由身身份则是为自己赢得新合同的最大资本。   (波本)相关的主题文章: