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Three China returned students from America sadistic sentencing compatriots   – International – February 18th news according to U.S. Chinese network quoted "the Losangeles times" news, South California three Chinese students at 17 in the case of sadistic fellow Losangeles Pomona High Court ruled that three people were sentenced to 13 years in prison for 6 years. Kidnapped, beaten and tortured students three Chinese students Zhai Yunyao, Yang Yuhan and Zhang Xinlei, in January 5th of this year and a plea of commutation agreement, three people were jailed for 13 years, 10 years and 6 years. At the same time, the prosecution withdrew three people’s torture (torture) charges. After the crime of torture was revoked, the three were charged with kidnapping (kidnapping), assault (assault), and great bodily injury. The three were sentenced to two days each sentence before being sentenced to imprisonment for one day. The official prison after serving only 75% of the remaining sentence. According to this calculation, the actual remaining sentence will be less than eight years Yunyao Zhai, Yang Yuhan less than five years, for more than three years: xinlei. The judge stressed that after the expiration of the sentence, three people will be deported, there is almost no possibility of return, three people understand. Two students Mai Jiayi and Liu Yiran respectively to 12 students involved in proposed civil compensation lawsuit, but at the end of last year, including the arrest of another suspect is in the land of 4 defendants are adults, according to the relevant laws, the adult parents do not bear any liability, and the 4 men and no name any property, and they also in prison, estimates may not civil compensation. The other minor defendants, the law stipulates that their parents should bear the maximum compensation of $25 thousand children. (Lao ren) 三名中国留美生施虐同胞案宣判 –国际–人民网 人民网2月18日讯 据美国中文网援引《洛杉矶时报》消息,南加州三名中国留学生施虐同胞案于17日在洛杉矶波莫那高等法院宣判,三人被判6年到13年的监禁。 涉嫌绑架、殴打和折磨同学的三名中国留学生翟云瑶、杨雨涵和章鑫磊,于今年1月5日与检方达成认罪减刑协议,三人分别获刑13年、10年和6年。同时检方撤销了三人的折磨罪(torture)指控。撤销折磨罪后,三人的罪名为绑架(kidnapping)、攻击(assault)、以及导致严重的人身伤害(great bodily injury)。 三人在宣判之前,每被关押一天,按服刑两天计算。正式服刑后,只用服满剩余刑期的75%。照此计算,翟云瑶的实际剩余刑期将不满八年,杨雨涵不到五年,章鑫磊则为三年多。法官强调,服刑期满后,三人将被驱逐出境,几乎没有再返回的可能性,三人表示理解。 两名受害学生麦嘉怡和刘怡然已分别向12名涉案学生提出民事赔偿诉讼,但包括去年年底抓捕归案的另一名嫌犯陆正在内的4名被告都是成年人,根据相关法律,成年被告的家长不负担任何赔偿责任,而这4人的名下又没有任何财产,加上他们还要在狱中服刑,估计民事赔偿的可能不大。其余几名未成年被告,法律规定其父母要承担子女最高2.5万美元的赔偿责任。(老任)相关的主题文章: