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The U.S. Supreme Judge a successor or death caused by the new agency, the battle between the two parties – Sohu news in Washington in February 13,   (reporter Diao Haiyang) the United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John? Roberts 13, issued a statement, announced that the United States Supreme Court justice Anthony Scalia died?. In his statement, Roberts expressed his grief at his death. Roberts was a brilliant, admirable judge of the judge. He said that his death was a huge loss to the Supreme Court and the country as a whole. He sends his deepest condolences to his wife and family. Born in 1936, Sculley was a well-known conservative law scholar in the United states. He was appointed president of the Supreme Court by President Reagan in 1986, and has served until now. Media reports, 12 days with friends to go to Texas vacation. On the evening of 12, he felt unwell before falling asleep. On the morning of 13, he didn’t get up and eat breakfast, and he didn’t take part in hunting activities. His friends then discovered that Sculley had lost consciousness. The normal death of the subgenus was identified. The cause of his death has not yet been announced. In his speech on the evening of 13, President Obama said he was saddened by his death, and thanked him for his outstanding contribution to the United states. He also said he would fulfill his constitutional duties and nominate a successor at the right time. He said it was higher than the party, about democracy and the constitution. He thinks the Senate will have enough time to discuss and vote on his nominee. The Supreme Court consists of 1 chief justices and 8 judges. 9 judges may serve for life and shall not be removed without impeachment by congress. Roberts, the current supreme justice, is conservative, while 4 of the remaining 8 are conservatives, and the 4 are liberals. The Supreme Court judge was nominated by the president of the United States, but the Senate voted to pass it. Media analysts say that if Obama insists on nominating a Liberal Democrat who is inclined to the Democratic Party, then the Senate with the majority of Republicans will inevitably block it. Senate majority leader Mcconnell, 13, said that his successor should be determined in the next president’s term. But minority leader Reed believes that the Supreme Court judge’s position has never been vacant, so long, should be filled as soon as possible. In view of the Senate’s agenda being controlled by Mcconnell, the vote on the successor of Sculley will continue to the next president’s term. 美最高法一法官离世 继任者人选或引发两党争斗-搜狐新闻中新社华盛顿2月13日电  (记者 刁海洋)美国最高法院首席大法官约翰?罗伯茨13日发表声明,宣布美最高法院法官安东尼?斯卡利亚离世的消息。  罗伯茨在声明中对斯卡利亚的离世表示悲痛。罗伯茨评价斯卡利亚是一位杰出的、令人敬仰的法官。他表示,斯卡利亚的离世是最高法院和整个国家的巨大损失。他向斯卡利亚的妻子和家人致以最深切的哀悼。  斯卡利亚出生于1936年,是美国知名保守派法学人士。他于1986年被时任总统里根任命为最高法院法官,任职至今。  有媒体报道,斯卡利亚12日与朋友一同前往得克萨斯州度假。12日晚,他在入睡前感到身体不适。13日上午,他没有起床吃早饭,也没有参加打猎活动。他的友人们随后发现,斯卡利亚已失去意识。经鉴定,斯卡利亚属正常死亡。他的死因尚未对外公布。  美国总统奥巴马13日晚发表讲话称,对斯卡利亚的离世感到悲痛,他感谢斯卡利亚为美国作出的杰出贡献。他还表示,他将履行宪法赋予他的职责,在合适的时间提名一位继任者。他说,此事高于党派,关乎民主和宪法。他认为,美国会参议院有足够的时间对他提名的人选进行讨论并表决。  美最高法院由1名首席大法官和8名法官组成。9名法官可终身任职,非经国会弹劾不得免职。现任最高大法官罗伯茨为保守派,其余8人中4人为保守派,4人为自由派。  美最高法院法官由美国总统提名,但需要参议院投票表决通过。有媒体分析称,如果奥巴马执意提名一名倾向于民主党的自由派法官,那么由共和党占多数的参议院势必进行阻挠。  参议院多数党领袖麦康奈尔13日表示,斯卡利亚的继任者应该在下一届总统任期内确定。但少数党领袖里德认为,最高法院法官的职位从未空缺过这么长时间,应尽快填补。  鉴于参议院的议事日程由麦康奈尔掌控,有关斯卡利亚继任者的表决恐将延续至下一届总统任期。相关的主题文章: