The truth the constellation Taurus is not stupid I patronize to eat up (Figure)

The truth: the constellation Taurus is not stupid I patronize to eat up (Figure) silly Taurus only know what to eat! I will wait for him to come up, he doesn’t know! I said foot pain, he told me I exercise less! I exercise less and you say ah! They want your comfort…… Sina pigfish users love to say to the Sina constellation Taurus silly not to tease me patronize to eat sirloin to know first, feel shy, I take the initiative to chat with him or talk to OK. After the message, QQ is my initiative to send Bai, he will reply, but I am not every day, once every 2-3 days, see he did not take the initiative to have no hair, want to see his reaction. Late on Saturday night when he suddenly received text messages, invitations to Sunday creative park for a walk, this is his first time to take the initiative to send text messages and invitations, so also agreed to go. Chat on Sunday was OK, sometimes his ideas very much, but also take the initiative to ask me not to take pictures like, look at the creative park along quite naturally, not embarrassed, but the topic is still relatively small, I have been looking for the topic, I am afraid of myself saying too much, because he like ignore me, absent-minded, don’t know what to think to go. Sweat ah ~ that afternoon at about 5, the night did not intend to have dinner with him (because he did not take the initiative to know), but walked he said to be looking for food, let me lead the way (in the vicinity of my house), but I don’t often go to the nearby delicious, so do not understand later, just to find a room to sit down. Because we are eating dinner when he took the initiative to Hot pot, dish, saw me eating a bowl of a bowl and spoon to me (I also did not dare to pour tea, when they meet for the first time the dinner date was so active, I was amazed at dinner,) afternoon chat topic not easy, he said little that is, regardless of the food, and never looked up at me, but I have been watching him ah, ha ha, saw him eat sweating, really want to tell him to eat more slowly, but even said he is more shy, although he will head up, but not at me, look elsewhere. But when he looked at and, he is laughing like a child. After dinner, he offered to pay, I said after the AA, because for the first time to eat next time please let him feel shy, he must be a pit. Then I sent him to the subway mouth, because he did not go to the subway around, I’m going to say 88, he said to send me to the station, I said to the turn is very close, he said the different meaning. Well, he still occasionally intimate. In the afternoon of creative park a lot of walking the road, I told him to stop and rest he did not seem to hear, then came home and asked me today tired, he was really mad. Then he laughed at me and said I could go for a run next time…… On Monday, I said foot pain, he called for, to see what his reaction, he said only a pig called people lost compensation, where less movement will make compensation, really he was furious. Two days ago, I took the initiative to ask him to go out this weekend to play, he said to be on duty, I say it, then no contact. He is so passive, I do not know whether it is possible to continue to take the initiative to ask him to eat, because he usually also late work, home is also very late?相关的主题文章: