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The three co – operation – Eddie Peng glad: finally have clothes to wear – Sohu entertainment movie Mekong action held a press conference in beijing. [Photos] see Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ning Wen Xuan anti shadow figure far-gloria video) the afternoon of September 7th, the film "the Mekong River action" held a press conference in Beijing, director Lin Chaoxian and producer Liang Fengying, starring Eddie Peng attended the press conference. Is the third time Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng cooperation can be described as "love to kill, Eddie Peng joke, there is no cooperation with the forest guide line, the first shot" hassle "only shorts, second shoot" broken wind "only tights, this time to" the Mekong River action "to see so many clothes and other particularly happy, but did not expect to" destroy "the face.     Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng was glad to have three cooperation dress and the other day, in the winter Bona film president first introduced the untold stories behind the film preparation process. He said, when John Boehner sent a survey interview team, some of which are members of those who participated in the trial of waxy Kang staff, "they assist Director Lin Chaoxian, organize a large number of data and case interviews all participated in the case of people, as many as hundreds of thousands of words of the recordings are you a little bit of sorting out the biggest the degree of reduction of the case itself. The real time is more dangerous, we see the director and the actors together into heaven, into the woods in a minefield, is to restore the true scene." The conference site, the film side announced the "almighty director EPK", the first full track record of director Lin Chaoxian in the dedication and blood behind the scenes: photographers, scenery, props, makeup artist, extras, firearms division, driver and trainer…… For the first time we see the director in the studio can be described as "eight almighty". In the face of the video "all rounder" like Lin Chaoxian, Eddie Peng said: "the director is really everything, all the things themselves, as long as the filming of the mood to find an actor, direct themselves holding machine shooting, he is the only one I have ever seen in a director to cast in the same a mood to encourage an actor and director. I think before I worked with him quite hard, now that he has done so much, I suddenly feel actually quite easy." The video also records the director Lin Chaoxian by 6 inch centipede bite in the studio, the forest guide at the scene explained: "I is for Eddie block this one, I try to help him in the other day, the staff and the actors lying on the ground for a long time all right, I’m wearing thick socks just special" lucky ‘bite." Eddie Peng said the director is very hard, to the hospital immediately came back to play a needle to continue to start, to see him so spell, how can we not fight!" Say "iron Eddie Peng, blacksmith Lin Chaoxian", is the third time Lin Chaoxian and Eddie Peng cooperation can be described as "love to kill, Lin Chaoxian at the scene also jokingly said and Eddie Peng too many times, he has to see not pleasing to the eye," always tempted to challenge his bottom line, the cooperation after several times the man didn’t find the bottom line,"相关的主题文章: