The Summer Palace gift seventeen hole bridge for modeling imperial ruler get the first – Cult

"The Summer Palace gift" named   seventeen hole bridge won the first – Culture – original title for the shape of "Royal ruler": "the Summer Palace tourist gift" expert preference have been developed two the Summer Palace more than and 300 "gift" is the seventeen hole Bridge Royal ruler. Chief Photographer Cai Daizheng photo "the first the Summer Palace cultural and creative products exhibition contest announced, with the famous seventeen hole bridge for the shape of the" Royal ruler "won the first, can be manually assembled Cuju in second. Yesterday, the zoo specially selected 60 representative exhibits please experts. The judges generally believe that the shape of the ruler and lanky seventeen hole bridge of combination is very wonderful ideas, use a ruler, finger just stuck in the "bridge" — both practical and full of elements of the Summer Palace. According to reports, the selection activities for 15 days, the Summer Palace on-site sales of more than 8000 pieces of cultural and creative products, sales of the top three were the auspicious beast fan, a century of the Summer Palace attractions postcards and colorful the Summer Palace keychain. It seems, which present more popular, it seems expert judges and "tourists judges" view is not the same. Sorry to miss the Imperial Palace – Gift highlights creative — the Orangemen Cuju poor Nabuchushou saw "the Summer Palace gift" — hand assembled one of the judges, Cuju, the activities of the the Imperial Palace Cultural Service Center Director Feng Hui said, this is the the Imperial Palace have always wanted to do tourism products, unexpectedly let the Summer Palace grab the first. The Imperial Palace from 2013 launched the the Imperial Palace gift, has developed more than 8700 kinds of cultural and creative products. "We have always wanted to do it." Feng Hui said, as the main reason for the difficult Cuju gift is "the Imperial Palace gift" from the collection of paintings on creative mining, now seems to have not found a good reference. "The Imperial Palace did Cuju for another reason," Feng Hui full of frustration and regret to say, "because Chinese football stinks. Is your birthplace, but you can not get up, but also uncomfortable ah!" Unexpectedly, this hesitation, but let the Summer Palace pick up the leak. Historical records, as early as the Warring States period Chinese folk popular entertainment Cuju game, from the Han Dynasty began to become a military practice, the Song Dynasty and the emergence of Cuju organization and Cuju artists, the beginning of the Qing Dynasty popular ice Cuju – playing ice hockey in the Summer Palace, Beihai is the traditional royal game. (chief reporter Cui Hong) (commissioning editor Chen Yuan and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: