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"The sky fire" Beijing Jin Yi preview Joy City store "fire up" – Sohu entertainment blockbuster "fire" into action crime has not been officially released, "fire" to die, won praise 2016 event for Hong kong. In November 1st, Beijing Jin Yi Chaoyang joy IMAX shop held a "towering fire" screening, with the creative director Ringo Lam and Bartle Li Haitao appeared, Zhang Ruoyun. On the meeting, fun and creative director and generous sharing of the shooting process, including Zhang Ruoyun during the filming of dangerous speed play, scared out of Daniel Wu Beijing. "You okay" etc.. The film action scenes are the actor himself, so "hard play" leverage. Li Haitao is more exposed by both Bartle and her, broke the news in the process of each other, full of happiness filled with them between the. When asked to write the story of the original intention, Lin replied in good faith: a lot of friends around because of the death of cancer, it is thought that there is no technology to overcome this cancer. I seldom filming it for 10 years, has always insisted on writing to write the script, write in the heart, write things are close to life ", which made the audience moved. Devoted to be able to shoot a good movie, as Jin Yi devoted to the fans to provide excellent film. Jin Yi studios store is located in the Chaoyang North Road, Chaoyang joy joy (8), has 8 professional rooms, including a luxurious IMAXT hall, 2 luxury VIP rooms, a total of 1411 comfortable seats, "fire" will soar up, Jin Yi studios will be down-to-earth, high-quality films for the fans to bring.相关的主题文章: