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The "Red Guards" ending the Tong Zhang exhibition Sommersby – "Red Guard" entertainment Sohu Tong Zhang perfect ending Sohu entertainment news recently, by actor Tong Zhang starred in the TV series "Red Guard" the perfect ending. The play tells the anti encirclement, a small army, our army will serve the grueling red zone story drawings. Actor Tong Zhang plays young master Dai Xiangtao, young to go abroad for further study, but also to protect the team members when returning. Finally, from Kuoshao grown into a strong warrior. In yesterday’s "Red Guard" finale, Dai Xiangtao in the crucial moment of "accident", throwing grenades from enemy deterrence. At the same time bravely jumped, holding the gun in the face of the enemy without fear. In the end, for the smooth release of the soldiers carrying the drawings and heroic sacrifice. Friends said that Dai Xiangtao’s departure to them a great touch, especially in the death of the arrival of the time, he was naughty with a face to face. Without a trace of fear and hesitation, he pulled the grenade. Optimism, humor, humor in that moment and all appeared in his body, so that everyone tears. Actor Tong Zhang Dai Xiangtao such a careless heart is the heart of the national surface, the safety of the sincere youth, the most incisive description. In the character description, Tong Zhang in a different tone, eyes to show the role in different periods of psychological state, in addition to the detailed micro expression shocked the audience, the rapid upgrade is very amazing actor Tong Zhang these years of acting. At the same time, the emotional transition without a trace, the fox in addition to a master glib cute and simple. In order to be more close to life, Tong Zhang boldly added new elements, so that people more clear, true, full and rich sense of hierarchy. The role of the world, all aspects of multi angle transmission to the audience, well received.   相关的主题文章: