The prime minister’s visit to the micro lens from Zhengzhou to Bishkek, the Prime Minister of the SC masa-c

The prime minister’s visit to the micro lens: from Zhengzhou to Bishkek, "the prime minister" a blueprint for Beijing, a year ago the Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center, the prime minister Keqiang initiative on the Shanghai cooperation organization to build six cooperation platform is still in the ear. Today, the State Guesthouse in Bishkek Conference Center is located at the foot of the right alar Canyon, the prime minister Keqiang proposed six for every phrase a gem, the future development of the sco. 3 days morning local time, the prime minister Keqiang member governments of the SCO summit in Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek (Prime Minister) the fifteenth meeting of the council. From Zhengzhou to Bishkek, from the six platform to the six recommendations, the prime minister Keqiang regional cooperation mechanism of the China by painting the blueprint of development, for 15 years past the SCO to plan for the future. [six] to the recommendations from the six platform to create a safe and stable environment to build the integrated development pattern, mining innovation cooperation opportunities to enhance the level of cooperation from the capacity to improve, from regional financing mechanism to lay a solid foundation of cultural exchanges, the prime minister Keqiang six suggestions and directions for future development of the sco. In fact, these six proposals in December last year has now taken shape. The prime minister Keqiang in Henan Zhengzhou held a session of the SCO "prime minister" is put forward, the SCO should focus on building six cooperation platform: build a strong security cooperation platform, build capacity, accelerate the construction of cooperation platform interoperability cooperation platform, innovative financial cooperation platform, platform construction, regional trade cooperation to build social collaboration platform. It is not difficult to see that the six platform six recommendations and then today is the same, the former is the continuation and development. Summed up, not only to deepen security cooperation in this line of work, but also open up the economic integration of the "new world", let the SCO in pragmatic cooperation in security and "two wheel drive" go faster and more stable. [time] "prescription" in the "prime minister", from said that work with all parties to do feasibility study on FTA to put forward specific initiatives to promote regional trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, China releases continue to promote pragmatic cooperation in the SCO’s clear signal. At present, the weakness of the recovery of the world economy, as one falls, another rises of regional hotspot issues, the SCO member countries generally face downward pressure on the economy, in the field of security also meets many challenges. In this context, how to make the SCO to play a greater role in promoting regional security and stability, how to make its contribution to regional prosperity and development of greater strength, become a great subject in front of each member. Six platforms and six suggestions is timely, including production cooperation, strategic docking, financial cooperation, trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, new ideas and new ways, will inject new impetus to move forward for the SCO, and better for the benefit of the public. [fifteen] load starting again in order to safeguard peace, security and stability in the region is set up 15 years ago, the original intention of the sco. Compared with 15 years ago, the world economy, geopolitics has undergone profound changes. Today’s regional security situation is more complex and severe, the need for countries to carry out closer cooperation in security; economic development momentum weakened,相关的主题文章: