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The new telecommunications fraud deception Jingxian Shenzhen crooks posing as buyers as a group of suspects as first customer service buyer orders business products on the website, the transaction orders were intercepted in the name, access to the business QQ, and associates as web site customer service contact to solve the problem, through the payment of insurance in the form of gold, the frequency set off. The day before, Longgang police through the line after digging, destroyed the telecommunications fraud criminal gangs and arrested 3 suspects. September 20th 20 am, Longgang Public Security Bureau police station received the new principal Mr. Yao warning: the day at 17:30 PM, a man named liaomou buy the products on the website, said the transaction orders were intercepted, ask for his QQ number. Not long after, there was a man who claimed to be the website customer service contacted him through QQ, saying that his shop was abnormal. Mr. Yao would like to think about the impact of transactions, immediately consult each other’s solution, the other said to pay 3000 yuan buyers guarantee. Mr. Yao immediately in accordance with the "customer service", by Alipay to pay 3000 yuan, and then contact the buyer to liaomou, the other party has still did not solve the problem. And then contact customer service personnel, customer service personnel also put forward to pay gifts security, strength business service security and pre deposit security can be traded, Yao had to pay 42000 yuan again. Unexpectedly, after a total payment of 45000 yuan, "customer service" will immediately pull it black. Aware of being cheated, Yao immediately called the police. After receiving the report, the judge is a telecommunications fraud gang crime, Longgang Public Security Bureau quickly set up by the Criminal Police Brigade, the network police brigade and the new police station police force composed of the task force, to carry out a comprehensive investigation. After reviewing and tracking, the project team has grasped the identity information of the suspects and locked the activities of the fraud gang in the Guangming New District of Shenzhen. November 3rd morning 11 am, police task force in the Guangming District, a hotel seven floor of a room, will be through the 3 suspects fraud Zengmou posing as customer service network, Yang, Luomou arrested, and seized a laptop computer crime tool 3 Taiwan, 4 bank cards, mobile phone 7, fake ID card 3 and on the cards, U shield and a number of. After the trial, 3 suspects of fraud confessed to the crime. Police, 3 members of the gang fled to Fujian, Shenzhen and other places, the temporary office replaced several times, by posing as well-known Web site customer service as a means of gradual implementation of fraud. Among them, the gang principal once Zengmou in September 2015 on suspicion of telecommunications fraud by Fujian police detention, preliminary verification, the fraud Gang cumulative crime amounted to more than 40, involving more than 100 yuan. At present, the suspects Ceng Biao, Yang Jian, Luo Qing and so on have been under criminal detention, the case is being further heard, dig deep. Li Jingchuan, correspondent of Shenzhen evening news reporter Zhou Feng, Li Yitian editor in chief: GDN005

电信诈骗新骗术惊现深圳 骗子冒充买家再扮客服   一伙嫌疑人先扮买家在网站上订购商家产品,以交易订单被拦截为名,获取商家 QQ 号后,再由同伙冒充网站客服人员联系解决问题,通过支付保障金的形式,步频设局骗钱。日前,龙岗警方循线追挖,打掉这个电信诈骗犯罪团伙,抓获 3 名犯罪嫌疑人。   9 月 20 日 20 时许,龙岗公安分局新生派出所接事主姚先生报警称:当日 17 时 30 分许,一名叫廖某的男子在网站上购买其公司产品时,称交易订单被拦截,索要了他的 QQ 号码。不久,便有一个自称是网站客服的男子通过 QQ 联系他,说是他的网店存在异常。姚先生一听想着会影响交易,马上咨询对方解决方法,对方称须以支付 3000 元的买家保障金。姚先生立即按照 “ 客服 ” 要求,通过支付宝支付了 3000 元后,然后联系买家廖某,对方却仍称问题没解决。再联系客服人员,客服人员又提出还要支付赠品保障金、实力商家服务保障金和预存保障金才能交易,姚先生只好再次支付 42000 元。没想到,共支付 45000 元后,“ 客服 ” 马上便将其拉黑。意识到被骗,姚先生马上报警。   接报后,判断是一个电信诈骗团伙作案,龙岗公安分局迅速成立由刑警大队、网警大队和新生派出所警力组成的专案组,全面展开侦查。专案组经过研判追查,掌握到了嫌疑人的身份信息,锁定诈骗团伙在深圳光明新区一带活动。11 月 3 日上午 11 时许,专案组民警在光明新区某酒店七楼一房间,将正在通过网络冒充客服诈骗的 3 名嫌疑人曾某、杨某、罗某抓获,当场缴获作案工具笔记本电脑 3 台、银行卡 4 张、手机 7 部、假身份证 3 张及上网卡、U 盾等一批。   经审,3 名犯罪嫌疑人对其诈骗的犯罪事实供认不讳。民警介绍,团伙 3 名成员流窜于福建、深圳等地,多次更换暂住处,以冒充知名网站客服人员为手段,逐步实施诈骗。其中,团伙主犯曾某曾于 2015 年 9 月因涉嫌电信诈骗犯罪被福建警方刑拘,初步核实,该诈骗团伙累计作案达 40 余起,涉案金额 100 万余元。   目前,犯罪嫌疑人曾彪、杨建、罗清等均已被刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审理、深挖当中。   深圳晚报记者 李晶川 通讯员 周锋 见习编辑 李怡天 责任编辑: GDN005相关的主题文章: