The National Day Golden Week near the Nanning branch of China Merchants Bank to remind customers of 姉summer

The National Day "Golden Week" near the Nanning branch of China Merchants Bank to remind customers of note card security with the National Day "Golden Week" is approaching, the Nanning branch of China Merchants Bank issued by the cardholder card prompt. According to reports, non formal channels of access to bank card are mostly used for money laundering, tax evasion and fraud and other illegal and criminal activities, customers should pay attention to the safekeeping of the bank card, do not easily reveal the identity card number, SMS verification code and other personal information, insist on my card, not because of petty profits for criminals to provide tools to violate the law and regulations! China Merchants Bank that customers, as an important means of payment of bank cards, real name must be open, fake others information card, lend lease, sale of bank card belong to illegal behavior, others use my account to engage in illegal activities, will lead to personal reputation, even for joint liability card master himself, harming misfortunes! In addition, China Merchants Bank said that the recent fraudulent brush, merchants non-standard operation caused controversy gradually increased. It is suggested that cardholders should be vigilant, and in order to guard against the risk of using cards, they should go directly to the formal banking institutions, and don’t entrust others or intermediary agents. Should the safekeeping of personal information, such as ID, name card, driving license, real estate license and identity proof of financial data, in the handling of other needs the information of the business can pay attention to indicate the limit of handling the business use of the copy. ".

国庆“黄金周”临近 招行南宁分行提醒客户注意用卡安全   随着国庆“黄金周”临近,招商银行南宁分行发布用卡提示持卡人。据介绍,非正规渠道获取银行卡大多用于洗钱、逃税、诈骗等违法犯罪活动,广大客户应注意妥善保管银行卡,不要轻易透露身份证号、短信验证码等个人信息,坚持本人用卡,不要因蝇头小利为不法分子提供作案工具,触犯法律法规!   招商银行提示客户,银行卡作为重要支付工具,必须实名开立,伪冒他人信息开卡、出借出租、买卖银行卡都属于违法违规行为,他人使用本人账户从事非法活动,将会导致个人信誉受损,甚至追究卡主本人连带法律责任,害人害己祸患无穷!   此外,招商银行表示,近期盗刷、商户不规范操作等造成的争议逐渐增多。建议持卡人保持警惕,为了防范用卡风险,应直接去正规的银行机构办理,不要委托他人或中介代办。应妥善保管个人信息资料,如:身份证、名片、驾驶证、房产证等身份财力证明资料,在办理其他需要上述资料的业务时可注意在复印件上注明 “限办理该项业务使用”等字样。相关的主题文章: