The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Changchun Railway Station sent 437 thousand passengers to open Link norton disk doctor

The Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Changchun Railway Station sent 437 thousand passengers to open Linke 9 column China Jilin Reuters reporter Guo Meijia in September 17th is the last day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Changchun Railway Station also ushered in a long vacation public return passenger flow peak. 2 in the afternoon, the Changchun Railway Station surrounding vehicles began to congestion. High speed is not free, part of the short distance passenger flows to the railway. It is reported that, in order to deal with the short haul passenger flow peak, Changchun Railway Station, Tongliao advance application plus Shenyang, Dalian, Baicheng, Yanji West, North Jilin, Da’an temporary trains to 9. In addition, multiple EMU reconnection, to meet the needs of short distance tourists holiday travel. It is reported that the Shenyang Railway Bureau Mid Autumn Festival holiday is expected to send 3 million 500 thousand passengers, Mid Autumn Festival holiday passenger transport from September 14th to start, the end of September 17th, a total of 4 days, is expected to send visitors to 3 million 500 thousand people. Peak passenger flow is expected to occur in September 17th, sending passengers will reach 950 thousand people. During the small holiday, 14 day traffic reached 135 thousand people, compared with last year, an increase of 60 thousand. As of 17, 2009, the Changchun Railway Station, the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday to send visitors to 437 thousand people, an increase of over 18 over the same period last year, a total of 34 thousand. In addition, eleven golden week is approaching, the September 30th and October 1st pre-sale tickets have been more than 3 copies, to remind passengers to travel tickets in advance, the internet ticket passengers must advance to the station to the north and south of the box office or the nearest pre-sale for the tickets for the tickets, so as not to focus on the tickets waiting time is too long to delay your trip.相关的主题文章: