The man robbed the woman to introduce the work of the grounds and intimidate their open house wetnwild

The man robbed the woman introduced to the work on the ground and intimidate their real original title: looking for a job has been taken to open the room to intimidate suspects involved in the robbery rape jingfangxingju Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Qi Wenxuan) 25 am, herd a snack bar boss Zhao up shop, is preparing to close to home, ran in a disheveled woman crying knelt down and said: "please help me, I met bad!" Zhao to see this situation, the shutter doors store down immediately, and call 110. Police horses after the alarm, the police immediately sent to the scene investigation, and the victim Yuanmou back to the police station. According to a description of the yuan, the police after investigation in 27 suspects arrested wu. The woman told Yuanmou, she has been working in the foot store, but the work is very hard, she went to the door of Ande labor market looking for work, in the meantime had also come to work, Wu man. Two people chatted for a while and then added to each other WeChat friends, said the future will have to work with each other, then there will be nothing to talk about something. 24 days later, Yuanmou want to increase the business to the foot store, was introduced to the work on the ground about Wu. After the arrival of Wu, Yuan told him that the consumer needs to charge. Wu Moushe to spend money, they do not pay attention while she ran out from the foot store. On the way to leave, Wu think yuan cheated himself, he will have a plan to revenge her. The foot store is too hard, you come with me to the horses to work, we arrange a place to meet and talk." Wu Yuan for women’s hair WeChat. About two people in the subway station to meet after the subway, Wu was on her feet. Under the subway, two people went to a noodle shop to eat noodles, Wu only a bowl of noodles, Yuanmou see what thing he wasn’t ready to go home. Unexpectedly, Wu came up and gave her a slap on the face two, grabbed her mobile phone, and threatened to kill her if you dare to run it. Yuan helpless, had to go along with Wu, and in his threat, the two went to open the room. After entering the room, Wu will be forced to have a relationship with the yuan, after the event will be a string of string necklace robbed. While Yuanmou while he is asleep and ran out for help. Currently, Wu suspicion of rape, robbery has been under criminal detention. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: