The ink Lin since the issue of Fengyun 7 without first service opening

The ink Lin since the issue of "Fengyun 7" without first service opening ink Lin today officially launched since the issuance of business, from the research as "the Storm Warriors (grab in the new service)" today 10:00 the first service open blood, Fengyun glory list synchronization open, check the ink Lin platform "Fengyun unparalleled" website can participate in activities, let you the name list of permanent, warlords! Participate in the activities of the red list game player, a chance to win a fine luxury overseas tour activities, Bali Island 5 days 4 night flying luxury gift for you to take! Bali Island ticket, this win > > > the glory list ink Lin exclusive event "Fengyun" Fengyun unparalleled glory list, ink Lin platform exclusive activities, participate in the game player can be permanently in his official website, let the world see the glory. "In the month of service time and unparalleled" open, full service capabilities of the top 10 game player, will be the official website of the information cloud permanent display name opportunity. Other game player can not only see the ID and the area of your clothes, you can see more of the speech to you achieve success and win recognition experience! Luxury boutique overseas tour to celebrate the Bali Island flying ink Lin "Fengyun unparalleled" officially launched the first service, lively celebration opening, Bali Island 4 nights 5 days flying luxury travel packages for free. After the opening of the first service, participate in open service activities of the players have the opportunity to get overseas travel opportunities. The upcoming eleven, ready for the camera, will be able to share travel beauties in ink Lin "Fengyun unparalleled" website, let friends praise for you! Quickly settled in to meet the luxury overseas tour! On the ink Lin "Fengyun unparalleled": ink Lin "Fengyun unparalleled" is a classic story "Fengyun" based on the web game, game player will play the role of wind, the development of Bu Jingyun and other leading protagonist game story. The game with the situation, seven weapons as the basis to pursue collection of the deduction destiny, grab the fire monkey, soothe the kylin beast, create artifact day "," day "and" Fengwu bow ", captured the city and other classic yet unparalleled fit the characteristics of the original theater play games; at the same time, adhering to the ARPG game and refreshed the battle, adding pure automation skills cast mechanism to let the game player can more easily enjoy the fun of PK. "Fengyun" warriors won the Hongkong famous cartoonist, "wind and cloud" the author of the original work by Mr Ma Rongcheng. "Fengyun" game without more information, the quest:相关的主题文章: