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The higher the grade of raw materials, the better the quality of tea products? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow" review: Recently, there are friends in the Dong Yue personal number: dydy400 in the message, "I am in the local tea market in price recently, bought a cake of Kim to highlight the super Pu’er Tea pure bud tip, but the taste is not very good, logically speaking should not level the more the better, the better to drink?" Presumably a lot of tea friends also have such doubts, the higher the quality of tea, the better?" This is a detailed analysis of tea friends. 1, high grade raw material is not equal to high quality tea first, Pu’er Tea grade is used in the manufacture of Pu’er Tea products grade level, the division forms such as spores, bud, a bud, a bud and two leaf clover bud, etc.. This is to distinguish Pu’er Tea wool sundried green tea, rather than the quality of the products Pu’er Tea division. In other words, divided Pu’er Tea grade of raw materials, and can not be directly equated with complete tea quality division, high grade raw material does not represent the quality level of Pu’er Tea. Map: South Beauty Tea tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow" is to name a few examples, such as the well-known 88 green cake, which is 4 grade raw materials instead of special raw materials; the more classical and ancient Indian tea is not high grade raw materials; and even more distant, more classic. Tea after long aging, the outer surface with high grade delicate tea is oxidized to reduce, revealing the internal low grade, some relatively coarse older tea stems, old leaves and medium tea, tea and these are known as the classic of tea quality fully deserve. 2, different grades of tea, and the essential difference between the different levels of Pu’er Tea tea, to its essence or tea contains different substances. According to the "Pu’er Tea science foundation research monograph" of tea polyphenols, catechins, flavonoids, theaflavins, tea and red determination results of six main material, brown and other point of view, from the highest level to the ten level court tea Jing, only the content of tea polyphenols and tea brown substance is two from the palace to ten grade decreased gradually. Map: South Beauty Tea tea tea Pu’er Tea "Snow" but the court level is just tea polyphenol content than level ten to 2%, the content of tea brown 1%. The content of four substances, total catechins, total flavonoids, theaflavins, tea red pigment, was gradually increased from grade to grade ten. The contents are more abundant, the late storage transformation value Pu’er Tea is large, high grade raw materials while brown content of tea polyphenols and tea is high, but the remaining four is not high, which is why some of the classic of tea, will have corresponding content of coarse grade raw materials by the. In addition, high maturity or relatively coarse old grade raw materials, such as high content of polysaccharide cellulose, starch, polysaccharide substances in tea fermentation or late storage process can be converted into carbohydrate sugar, two monosaccharides with sweet tea, make the soup more sweetness, which is coarse tea, tea stalk taste more sweet cause. The high level of young tea in aromatic substances and caffeine content than coarse tea ching, which is why the young net相关的主题文章: