The best time to maternal pregnancy to pregnancy body detox detoxification Sohu shuyue

Pregnancy how to detoxify your body? The best time to pregnancy detox? – Sohu maternal experts remind that every woman should take food before pregnancy, if the body nutritional supplement, it is best to let the body detoxification Quhuo, let the body "clean" to "pregnant", so specifically what should eat please? Look at the specific guidance given below. Bitter taste of food is the natural enemy of "fire". The reason is because of the bitter bitter food contains alkaloids, bitter substances such as urea class, Chinese medicine study found that these bitter substances antipyretic Qushu, eliminate fatigue. The best food devaluation bitter gourd, whether it is cold, stir fry or soup, as long as doing cooked bitter gourd and does not lose the "green", "to achieve the goal of" objective. In addition to balsam pear, and other bitter foods are also good "fire" effect, such as almond, bitter herbs, Kudingcha, celery, broccoli, etc., can also heat. In addition to eat bitter foods, this season Vegetable & Fruit, but also eat sweet refreshing fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. The expert points out, cabbage, cauliflower and watermelon, hawthorn, apple, grapes rich in minerals, especially the content of calcium and magnesium, silicon, magic Ning God, fire, so to eat these foods and eat. "The goal of" food: milk milk a lot of people think that drinking milk will increase the summer "lit", cause irritability, in fact, the summer blues is not only not "get angry", but also antipyretic drugs to anger. Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold, you can Ziyin, antipyretic drugs to play a "fire" effect, but also milk contains up to 70%% of water, can complement the human body in summer due to profuse sweating and loss of moisture. It should be noted that the milk is not frozen into ice, otherwise a lot of nutrients will be destroyed. Strawberry strawberry is not only delicious, but also medicinal value. Chinese medicine believes that it has a "fire" effect, Qingshu, antipyretic, chufan. Watermelon is cool, eating will not cause angry, upset, but also rich in potassium, can make up for a lot of human body caused by potassium deficiency. But pay attention to watermelon into the refrigerator not more than 3 hours. Soybean in Ziyin, "fire" at the same time also added because of the heat consumed by a large number of proteins. Although tomatoes and tomatoes are visible throughout the year, tomatoes are the most abundant, sweet and nutritious in summer. It can also be Qingrejiedu, flat liver heat "". The best time to pregnancy: pregnancy detoxification detoxification is indeed very important, but the method must identify, for sub health workers, their resistance is weak, the probability of toxic damage greatly increased. So parents are going to be pregnant three months ago, it is best to let the body completely detoxification, there is a clean body environment for pregnant healthy baby is very useful. Can you eat Detox drugs? If you often get angry, constipation, you can eat a little aloe and other health products, it is recommended that you do not have a pregnancy in the case of food, in the decision to stop before a week of pregnancy. However, there is no better than these circumstances do not eat, because it is three points.相关的主题文章: