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The acquisition payment company purse treasure: self built financial services scene Wenjiang his internet life service website "meituan comment" wholly acquired the third party payment company "purse treasure" (Beijing purse treasure payment technology limited), believe that after due to lack of third party payment license and by U.S. own payment function will require the central bank offline soon on the line again. From the current situation, the transaction is a good signing for the acquisition of the two sides: the U.S. Group reviews its own payment channels filled this short board, and the shareholders purse treasure can be smoothly realized. In the context of the central bank clearly no longer pay the third party payment license in the short term, the acquisition or show the business giants are eager to pay the license. Why buy Beauty purse treasure through the acquisition, beauty group comments issued by the central bank will hold the third party payment license will be compliance payment business. This has been set up to pay for the scene and the United States to review the financial sector to remove some of the obstacles. Prior to this, the United States Mission review was in February 2016 on the line to pay its own function to pay the U.S. group, but was immediately reported. The lawyer says the United States does not have a comment on the third party payment license is illegal payment of U.S. group, the central bank subsequently interviewed beauty group, the line function. U.S. mission review in April, the United States and the United States Department of the group’s wallet recharge function. For this acquisition, the United States mission statement is the official comment, the company quoted its Senior Vice President Jose Rongjun said in a press release said that the acquisition will help U.S. group comment for users, businesses to provide more secure and convenient service." The group has its own payment channels meaning that maybe, in many situations to create "payment channel scene + payment loop, has established a diversified use of scene beauty group comment hope will pay channels in their own hands. In addition, the level of detail, has its own payment channels can be avoided under a great deal of data in Alipay and other potential competitors of the eyelids; Alipay’s operations are similar with the United States business reputation network. Purchase price or money is not every hope to enter the field of payment companies can get what they want to pay a lot of money. After the central bank issued a total of three batches of licenses, so far did not issue more licenses. At the same time, part of the licensed business has also been reduced due to irregularities in the scope of business, or even a license to recover. All this indicates that the license issued to tighten. In the central bank made it clear that within a period of time no longer approved the establishment of a new organization in the background, the stock of less than 300 licenses become hot. As the regulatory rules do not allow the transfer of the license, the acquisition of licensed enterprises has become the company wants to participate in the third party payment services, the few options. Previously, mobile phone manufacturers millet companies pay "Tong Jie Fu Rui" more than 60% of the shares in the acquisition rumors in January, at a cost of 600 million yuan. Earlier, Tencent technology has reported that the business giant Wanda to $316 million acquisition of Payment institutions fast money close to 7 of the shares. These huge transactions occurred in the central bank announced that no longer issued a clear license before the position. You can imagine, in August the central bank made clear, licensed enterprises or will the price soared. The two sides did not disclose the transaction price. In all kinds of rumors, the United States mission.相关的主题文章: