The 7 year old boy felt that his parents preferred his brother to leave home for the 4 time in 5 mon demonophobia

7 year old boy think parents prefer 5 months younger brother 4 runaway original title: that parents prefer two treasure 5 months 4 Dabao from Chongqing daily news the evening of November 20th, who lives in Banan Nanquan vast because of dissatisfaction with the parents prefer little brother, away from home, this is the fourth time he just run away. The little boy wandering the streets at night 20, around 8 p.m., Longzhou Bay police station received the alarm together with enthusiastic people, said Hu Lu in the fish station scheduling outdoor met a boy, at night alone in the street, no matter how the little boy asked, he did not speak, need the help of the police. Put down the phone, the police immediately rushed to the scene to see. The police police officer Zhang introduced to the scene after the discovery, the little boy sat on the steps of the hub station. No matter how the police asked, the boy always reluctant to open. Police for him to buy snacks drinks, told him: "children, we are the police, the teacher did not teach you have difficulty to find the police uncle?" Look at the kind of police, the little boy finally could not help but shed tears, crying, said, mom and dad do not want me". That eccentric parents away from home originally, the little boy named Hao (a pseudonym), seven years old this year, live in the south of a district. Since a few months ago mother gave birth to little brother, was sent to the vast grandfather home life with Nan Quan, parents put more focus on the two treasure on. Hao said, he felt that their parents do not love yourself, so sad, this runaway. Police comforted the vast, and asked him to remember their phone, Hao nodded, skillfully back out of the parents’ phone. Subsequently, the police contacted the mother station to meet him. More than 5 months away from home 4 times before long, vast parents would catch up, the police to verify the Hao said, the mother sighed, because the two treasure more than five months, usually the couple really busy, temporarily put on the vast grandfather home. The vast does not care. According to the vast mother said, since the birth of two vast treasure, has been four times away from home. Just the day before, but also the vast sitting light rail to Jiangbei Airport, was found after police contact, the family took him back. Who knows only a day, went to the vast yudong. After all, the child is only seven years old, but also just had a younger brother was sent to his parents home, there will inevitably be a gap! The home is a dangerous signal." A police officer in persuasion, the couple finally realized the seriousness of the matter, said it will go back to coordinate, to the vast home, and when the police side told the vast, mom and dad are very love him. Experts suggest that two treasure should also be concerned about the Dabao for young parents want a second child. Chongqing Hui heart consulting agency founder, national two counselors remind Wang Yilin, considered to have a second child, and should Dabao communication, as far as possible the objective statement of two treasure arrival may bring changes in the family, as far as possible a comprehensive and objective analysis of the advantages and disadvantages; in attitude and behavior, to ensure fair treatment; parents should Jun相关的主题文章: