Taiwan media the need to pay full – Beijing into the health insurance premium in Baoding case mainla sunny came home

Taiwan media: the need to pay in full – Beijing, Beijing, October 25, according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese into the health insurance premium in Baoding case mainland students, mainland students (Lu Sheng) will be included in health insurance, Cai Yingwen 24, will be finalized, the DPP push to amend the law, let go of terrestrial Taiwan according to overseas Chinese and foreign students enrolled in the national health insurance, the premiums in full pay. Before amending the law in Taiwan and overseas Chinese by exogenous Taiwan authorities to grant 4 premium is not affected, the authorities may also grant the case, self compiled. The DPP’s total call Ke Jianming said, the caucus has written version, is expected next week will involve a single proposal, the provisions should be very fast speed. But whether in this period will pass through, Ke Jianming said, should according to the procedure. Terrestrial NHI actively promoted during the Ma Ying-Jeou administration, the authorities proposed that terrestrial CF foreign students, with sixth types of insured health insurance coverage, pay 6 of the amount of government subsidies, 4. The case because of the opposition Democratic Progressive Party, a strong rebound, the blue camp have internal differences failed to pass, Taiwan administrative agencies responsible for the general question said in the legislature Lin Quan before the DPP position on the "foreign treatment consistent" has not changed, but there are still differences inside the green camp. Cai Yingwen 24 evening meeting of "the ruling decision-making coordination meeting, the dominant terrestrial nhi. The past authorities in promoting terrestrial NHI, had to be modified "cross strait relation regulation", but Cai Yingwen, a spokesman for the office of a heavy yellow said to mainland students into the health care, as long as the "National Health Insurance Law", through the identification process can be included in the. Taiwan health and Welfare Department official Cai Sentian said, this is the direction of policy will also terrestrial NHI, 6 month stay outside the overseas Chinese CF, but need the full burden of land premium, but also canceled 4 Chinese premium subsidies, are willing to receive the future, each month pays 1249 yuan NT health insurance.相关的主题文章: