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Quit-Smoking Japan has increased 40 percent hike on cigarettes tax; other countries are gearing up legislation to quit smoking. Such news are very common in the news headlines today. Even every individual is grappling to end smoking by themselves either through a nicotine patch, nicotine gum or through a drug. But stop-smoking is not an easy task and almost always such aids fail. Is there any device that staves off smoking? Yes!!! Now technology has answer for every queries and concerns of mankind today. Now the e-cigs, which are an ultimate substitute for the traditional cigarettes, have come into the market. This off-the-shelf device is less dangerous and it feeds the addiction. This battery-powered, odorless device produces a vapor mist resembling to tobacco smoke. What Are The Benefits Of Electronic Cigarettes? This device is used as a harm reduction technique and it needs no ignition. When the device is drawn or inhaled, it turns on automatically to give vapors containing nicotine in low ratio. This revolutionary device is powered by microelectronic technology. Since this supplement does not generate any smoke, smoking can be performed at any public places like workplaces, restaurants and airports. There are no side effects like passive smoking. It has no health risks and it is devoid of all 4000 hazardous chemicals present in traditional cigarettes. It does not bother you with bad breathe or nicotine tar and there is no fear of fire accidents. Who Needs It? Since smoking is a major concern in this modern society, switching to an e-cigarette by a smoker benefits all, who surround the smoker. This device can feed the urge of a chain smoker to a great extent. Smokers, whose career is connected to a non-smoking workplace, shall be benefited. How It Works? E-cigarettes help every smoker, irrespective of their age, sex or time period for which they are smoking. The kit contains a battery, replaceable cartridges containing nicotine, flavored propylene and a liquid base. When the smoker draws the device it lights up automatically and the sensor heats up the cartridge. The propylene in the cartridge creates smoke containing nicotine. This smoke feeds the urge of the smoker. The nicotine solution in e-cigarettes is available in different flavors. Today e-cigarettes are available everywhere. You can easily find them on the Internet or at your local stores. You can get many offers for them on many websites and choose from wide variety of cigarettes. Taking a cigarette and inhaling cannot end your blues. In addition, it will escalate your worries manifold. Research studies show that stress is the main cause of misery. Switch over to e-cigs from traditional cigarettes and live a healthy life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: