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Strong typhoon "Meranti" landing Xiamen storm tide three meet – Beijing, China News Agency, Fuzhou, September 15 (Long Min Yan Xu) on the morning of 15 3 05, the fourteenth typhoon this year, Meranti "landing in Xiamen coastal areas of Xiangan. The latest typhoon warning in Fujian Province Meteorological Observatory said, when landing near the center of the largest wind 15 (48 m / sec, typhoon, central pressure of 94 thousand and 500 kPa). This is the second typhoon in Fujian this year. The data also show that "Meranti" is the year of the world’s strongest typhoon, since 1949 is the strongest typhoon landed in southern fujian. 14 night from the beginning, "miranti" will bring Fujian flurry. After landing in Xiamen, "Meranti" power show, 15 2 am, who lives in Xiamen city Chen Xiang yet to fall asleep, he told News Agency reporters complained, "my window to blow away". The typhoon coincides with the astronomical tide period, strong winds, heavy rain and storm surge of three. Fujian Provincial Meteorological Observatory senior engineer Xia Lihua said, "Meranti" will bring strong wind and rain affected the province to Fujian. According to the typhoon live weather department 15, 3:20 released by the Fujian central and southern coastal winds of 9 to 14, gusts of 15 to 17, local gusts up to 17 above; nearly 3 hours of rainfall, Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou, Xiamen part of the township of precipitation over 50 mm, 100 mm ultra local. Xia Lihua warned that the need to pay particular attention to a variety of disaster prevention effects of superposition, typhoon heavy rainfall may lead to urban area floods, flash floods and geological disasters, prevention of adverse effects before and after the landfall of Typhoon on land in the South wind. For the anti anti typhoon attacks, Fujian has "wind", prepared to meet the challenge. 14, Fujian six coastal city schools, kindergarten classes for a day, Fujian and sea passenger routes fully suspended; 14 to 17 passenger trains passing through the territory of Fujian outage over 180 columns. Fujian coast is also the evacuation of 32137 fishing boats, fishing rafts transferred to the staff of the people, the transfer of Fuzhou to the south of the ship on the crew of a total of 60915 people. As the typhoon landed in Xiamen, the 14 day at 15:30 is shut down (industry), discontinued, closed, closed, all scenic spots have been closed. Due to typhoon encounter the Mid Autumn Festival, Xiamen’s most characteristic folk custom "cake" Mid Autumn Festival party was also asked to cancel all. Fujian provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters said, "Meranti" after landing is expected to continue to move northwest, the intensity gradually weakened. But unfortunately, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" in "Meranti" southeast generation, will move into 17-18 in the coastal areas of East China and "Meranti" influence area overlap and increase "Meranti" wind, rainfall uncertainty. (end)相关的主题文章: