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Singapore can play Poké mon Go, these places have a lot of Pikachu – Sohu worldwide tour Poké mon Go, has been China mainland Mobile Games obsessed lovers. Look at the mobile phone Dave who play so happy, you also itch, want to find a place to show their skills? The number of the best local elf is sufficient, suitable for outdoor activities, to be familiar with the terrain, and the security is better — not being caught when the wizard encountered robbery. All in all, Singapore is a great destination. Although the game in August this year was officially landed in Singapore, but has set off a boom in the local. Let us say "We came, we saw, we caught them all", go take a look at the top 7 of Singapore’s haunted elves! Singapore Chinese garden and Singapore Chinese garden stars and Galaxy Park and park is a very popular place to catch blame, if you are a novice, it may go to Singapore Chinese garden, from the ordinary elves began to hand, after the upgrade before going to the galaxy park to catch higher level of spirit, and even caught many master dream Arcanine. Because it is open outdoor areas, thus holding the mobile phone to catch "Trainer" spirit is also much, so do not worry about the problem no one answer! Photo by travel oriented via Flickr Orchard Road along Orchard Road shopping mall not only gathered, and each building can be found at least 4 pocket station (Poké stop), after nightfall, the mall sale of Poké mon Go T-shirt vendors have already told you, this game here is hot. Now many businesses through Poké Dongfeng mon launched a number of promotions and promotion, so the orchard road has become the best place for your hand. Photo by Rodney Allen via Flickr Singapore Singapore zoo zoo there are countless lovely elf in reality, in the virtual reality is no exception, and variety. Hop on the tram as soon as possible to reach the next pocket station, with the fastest speed upgrade. Singapore wild animal protection area (Wildlife Reserves Singapore) even announced the details of the Poké the mon wizard map, is probably the best way to crash. Photo by chooyutshing via Flickr World Sentosa Resort World Sentosa Singapore is probably most likely to catch the Picacho place, whether it is on the beach or scenic spots in the world, especially in the Universal Studios outside near the fountain, you will find a nest nest elf gathering in crowds and groups. Photo by Sheba_Als has相关的主题文章: