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Since the husband eat this dish, every day of my love! Sohu and this dish is rice oh! An appetite! Since the husband eat this dish, add to me Chongni, put it down! Let’s see how I do it! We caught her husband’s stomach! [introduction] the autumn weather is dry and should therefore be to nourishing yin and moistening thirst tranquilize the food is one of the best tonic in Lotus after the beginning of autumn fresh lotus root become common dishes on the table. This is a hot and sour appetizer can cause increased appetite! [ingredients] for [cooking] lotus shallot Pepper Fried taste [] [] hot and sour taste making time for 10 minutes to 15 minutes [time] 1, lotus chopped to soak in water and soak the viscous substance there is to prevent contact with oxygen after the black 2, add vinegar to finished products with beautiful colors no white vinegar can also be replaced by other vinegar 3, love spicy food can be put in more points? Prepare materials according to their own taste of Kazakhstan, peeled and diced onion lotus lotus root. Pepper cut spare lotus rinse several times to remove the starch out drain backup wok cool oil in rapeseed oil with scallion and pepper and stir fry until fragrant add the drain water of lotus root stir add white vinegar add a little salt half a teaspoon of soy sauce (can not remember or put the color on the good-looking) stir fry to the lotus root then sprinkle with chopped green onion, stir fry pan can sour and spicy delicious for the original author: small fish stomach Sohu. Shall not be reproduced without authorization.相关的主题文章: