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Sina Finance Evening News: September 13th evening news affecting the market summary: Sina App live on-line blogger to guide your entries you earn take can make you my macro news to Xi Jinping: China and Vietnam to promote cross-border economic cooperation zone according to the Xinhua News Agency reported in September 13, President Xi Jinping 13, met at the Great Hall of the Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu. Xi Jinping welcomed the prime minister Ruan Chunfu’s visit to China, to congratulate the Viet Cong twelve and Vietnam Congress created a new leadership team. Xi Jinping pointed out that China and Vietnam adhere to the leadership of the Communist Party and the socialist system, which is our greatest common strategic interests. Current Sino Vietnamese relations to maintain a good momentum of development. I hope the two sides cooperate closely, continue to maintain high-level exchanges, promote strategic docking, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, strengthen cultural exchanges, promote the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership to a new level, to the people of the two countries to bring more tangible benefits. Statistics: August national economy stable and have a good new economy new energy the rapid growth of the National Bureau of statistics in September 13th, August, on the supply side structural reform and a series of steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood policy, some indicators have improved, "three to one drop fill" effective, the new economy rapid growth momentum, the national economy continued to maintain steady, steady progress, steady development trend of good. Department of Commerce: before August China’s FDI grew by 4.5% showing five characteristics according to the Ministry of Commerce on September 13th news, 2016 1-8 months, China’s actual use of foreign investment 548 billion 830 million yuan ($85 billion 880 million), an increase of 4.5%. The foreign ministry official pointed out that the 1-8 month national foreign investment has the following characteristics: 1, the absorption of foreign investments to maintain the overall growth; 2, the absorption of foreign investment in service industry to maintain growth, increase of services in the field of high technology service industry etc. significant; 3, the main sources of investment to maintain growth momentum; 4, the western region to absorb foreign capital increase and to maintain the stability of the eastern region, the central region is larger; 5, by way of foreign mergers and acquisitions of the actual use of Foreign Central Bank continues to grow after a lapse of seven months to restart the 28 day repurchase rate of Shibor across the board according to the central bank announcement, September 13th, the central bank in the open market to carry out 60 billion yuan of 28 day repurchase, 30 billion yuan and 70 billion yuan 14 day repurchase the 7 day repurchase. From the interest rate, 7 and 14 days reverse repo rate were unchanged from the previous period, but today the new 28 day reverse repurchase rate over the previous period reverse repurchase rate fell slightly to 2.55% today. This is the first time after 28 days reverse repo appeared for the first time in 7 months. The last time the central bank to carry out 28 days reverse repurchase or in February 5th of this year, when the interest rate was 2.60%. But over the past 28 days reverse repurchase more during the Spring Festival, and today is the first time in the past 28 days reverse repurchase in the past four years. Ministry of Finance: in August the country’s general public budget revenue increased by 1.7% in September 13th the Ministry of finance data released in August, the country’s general public budget revenue of 989相关的主题文章: