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SFC: Shenzhen Tong is expected to open 11 months late – Sohu news agency Beijing, August 30,   (Zhang Xiaoxi) China Commission Director of International Cooperation Department Qi Bin said in Beijing on 30, Shenzhen Tong is expected to open in late 11 months of this year, the subsequent preparations along the system arrangement, technology ready to start the two directions. On the same day, China journalists held a collective interview activities, invited Qi Bin around the Shenzhen Hong Kong policy implementation scheme, and an interview with reporters at the scene. Qi Bin Shenzhen Tong roughly timetable, said Shenzhen Tong is expected to open in 11 months late. From August to November, the parties will be opened to the Shenzhen Hong Kong through institutional and technical preparation. He pointed out that, in preparation for the system, Chinese Commission will work with relevant ministries, the introduction of documents related specifications of Shenzhen and Hong Kong through business and supporting measures; Hongkong Securities Regulatory Commission to negotiate through the Hong Kong cross-border supervision and law enforcement cooperation and investor protection, the existing regulatory cooperation memorandum (MOU), investor education and other related complement regulatory cooperation arrangements; cooperation agreement the two exchanges and Clearing Corp signed interconnection. Technical preparation includes technical preparation of the two exchanges, Clearing Corp and brokers. Qi Bin believes that Shenzhen Tong copy the successful experience of the pilot through Hong Kong, is connected with the Hongkong stock exchange exchange mechanism in re established. Start the Shenzhen, is a great move between the mainland and Hongkong Internet financial market, has a positive significance. He said that the Shenzhen for investors to better with the mainland and Hongkong economic development achievements, promote the reform and development of the mainland capital market, deepen financial cooperation between the mainland and Hongkong, stabilize and improve confidence, consolidate and enhance Hongkong’s status as an international financial center, promoting the internationalization of rmb. Another scene was asked by a reporter, the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the opening on the Hongkong economy will be the impact? Qi Bin responded, on the one hand, there will be more investors to participate in the Hongkong market transactions, including a large number of individual investors in the mainland, it will support the prosperity of the society in Hongkong; on the other hand, the mainland in recent years carried out a large-scale decentralization reform, so that domestic enterprises listed overseas listed more convenient, also make more resources to support the social development of Hongkong. Qi Bin said that the development of Hongkong’s economy is highly correlated with its financial markets. The mainland’s support for Hongkong’s capital is also a support for Hongkong’s overall economic and social prosperity.相关的主题文章: