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Ranger 27 years keep a forest was a wasp sting of numerous Hunan Daily reporter He Wei, insects and birds, gurgling streams, flowers, grass green, towering trees, by mountain days of hard but also happy. In September 19th, the reporter went to the Lengshuijiang Mahayana mountain forest farm, the feeling of the forest ranger Pan Siqing 27 years of life an ordinary day. A "change" hoe "on the hill which tree where, what is the name of what Pan Siqing called the root grass, crystal clear!" Lengshuijiang Forestry Bureau office Pan Heping said. Early in the morning, and then climbed to the top of the mountain, a hill, to the long taipa. The reporter saw a circumference two meters of old pine – zhenshanzhibao. Pan Siqing took the sickle cut down to take over the base of the pine tree long miscellaneous tree. Pan Siqing and the same is Ranger’s cousin Lan Jianxin every day to look at the tree. No one is willing to come to the conditions of the mountain, Pan Siqing can only move relatives. Pan Siqing said: "we have a Ranger to take with sickles and hoes two treasures." The sickle cut trees weeds sweep mountains, trees hilling hoe. 27 years, Pan Siqing they planted nearly 300 thousand trees, pine needles, yew, yew and other trees of Cryptomeria, worn out more than and 20 hoe, I do not know how much has changed sickle. The sickle, hoe is a plane "change" back. In 1989, the 23 year old Pan Siqing decided to quit carpentry, when the mountain ranger. From then on he never used a plane. Was a wasp sting of numerous mountains in the morning, the fog is not scattered, the sage temple incense. In the eyes of the pilgrims visitors to appreciate the beauty of Pan Siqing. The sage planted 3 years pine trees have been one of the more high, sweeping mountain is his "beauty". The clothes are hung on the body by the thorn, needle pricked, Pan Siqing did not care. Mosquitoes chase, Jianfengchazhen vampire. Two hours Xunshan half circle, the reporter shot dead 20 in the body of the mosquito bites. The mosquito is small, is the pain of being stung." Pan Siqing said. These years he can not remember the bee, wasp sting many times. Under the pine tree is steep, Pan Siqing did not have any protective measures, he used to hoe hard stamp hill, feeling strong, get your foot down. "Get used to it all these years." Pan Siqing said. At noon, Pan Siqing and ranger Lan Jianxin dinner, LAN Jianxin live in the temple, in August 2013 after Pan Siqing went to live in the mountain, it is in the temple to eat, they eat together and monks is vegetarian food. After dinner, I can watch TV for a while. Electricity is also 11 years ago in the mountains. Before electricity Pan Siqing in order to save money, lighting lighting is dry bamboo. The tree is his child through the wind, Pan Siqing just climbed the mountain when planted pine, has a big bowl of thick. "Trees are like their own children, to protect them." Pan Siqing said. Afternoon on the way down, the reporter noted: in the wind depression on the other side of the slope, although the ground covered with green, also can see the pine seedlings, but few trees were burned black still standing tree is very lonely, as if to tell the fire. In August 2013, a fire at the foot of the mountain, and soon reached the forest boundary. In the forest of Pan Siqing, to report the fire side edge.相关的主题文章: