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Put down the down payment! One interpretation of Beijing "Beijing eight" paper Liu Liping on the day before the National Day holiday, the final decision to suppress the local hot property market transactions in Beijing municipal government. September 30th evening, the Beijing Municipal Construction Bureau, Planning Bureau, the trade and Industry Bureau and other six departments issued a post (hereinafter referred to as Beijing, the eight), the property market regulatory measures in the 8. Although they did not set a higher threshold for the purchase of property buyers, but increased the proportion of the first suite of buyers and two suites down payment, this policy can reduce the concern has been leveraged buyers. Beijing municipal government has not yet released to increase housing supply of ordinary residential land, but promised to increase owner occupied housing land supply. Such housing is generally similar to the conditions of ordinary commercial housing prices of about 30%, but not traded in the market for 5 years. Overall, Beijing is to raise the down payment to reduce leverage, curb speculative investment. At the same time, through a substantial increase in the non ordinary residential transaction threshold, curb the Beijing property market luxury trend. Purchase changes what? 1, the "Beijing eight" requirements: meet the qualified buyers purchase the first set of ordinary housing down payment of not less than 35%; the change of policy implications, it slightly raised buyers down payment threshold, and reduce the proportion of loans. For example, if the total value of the purchase of a new house of 3 million yuan, the purchase of the first payment to be paid before the increase of $150 thousand, if the purchase of the stock of housing, the first payment is higher. 2, the "Beijing eight" requirements: the purchase of the first set of non ordinary housing down payment of not less than 40% (except for owner occupied housing, limited to two rooms such as housing policy); first of all, what is "non ordinary housing", which can not meet the following three ordinary housing, residential area the building volume rate of 1 or more; a single set of building area of 140 square meters or less; the actual transaction price or price is less than the regional standard of housing prices determined by the government. Previously, this type of housing down payment ratio is 30%, that is, large units, improve the type of luxury down payment ratio increased by 10%. If the total price of 10 million, the proportion of the purchase of the first payment will be increased from $4 million to $3 million. However, the housing stock transaction tax no change. The only five full listings, buyers only need to pay less than 1% of the deed tax of $90, -140 square meters to pay the deed tax of 1.5% square meters, more than 140 square meters is the deed tax of 3%. After the introduction of this policy, non ordinary housing market activity will probably decline, trading volume will be reduced. Raise the down payment is to raise the threshold of all the buyers, non ordinary housing market traders will be reduced to the level of assets above a certain standard. 3, the "Beijing eight" requirements: to have 1 sets of housing residents to buy home, once again to improve the living conditions for commercial housing loans to individuals of ordinary housing, regardless of whether the loans, the first payment of not less than 50%; the purchase of non ordinary housing, the first payment ratio of not less than 70%. This policy and what has changed? Previously, the two owner occupied housing units, if the first loan payment, credit can enjoy the first suite of qualifications, namely business loan down payment ratio of 3, the provident fund loans Shoufu ratio of 20%. First home loan.相关的主题文章: