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Pretty girls with burn properties? A glance at the dressing table letter — fashion — original title: pretty girls with burn properties? A glance at the dressing table letter saying these days so many people tell the truth, "a woman six meters before the great ambition, and yesterday" good-looking girl with burn properties, so you really good girls every day exposure material?! Pretty girls have their own attributes burn hot search source is from an article, the article is too long I’ve been doing this bowl of chicken soup, she will not give you sister post, but the first paragraph is domineering amazing, the heart is also a baby on the letter she said: "people ask me a little what do the girl every day so busy, but not like a man trying to earn money to support the family, why. I was laughing, I do not support the family, but I have YSL SK-II the God of water, lipstick, eye shadow, Chanel Dior has a limited…… Much more than a man’s shoulders." Is that Hin makes sense? As the beauty of the party, Barbara sister cosmetics on the dresser, with fast swing under the moonlight, each raising them + replacements on a lot of overhead, which did not count the fitness running shoes jewelry bag. Feel as a woman, to maintain a good body is really not easy, not only need to invest a lot of energy, the Chinese currency, but also have the perseverance and strong self-control ability, we think the original is so invincible, let alone the stars star of the invincible nice on the dresser to afford her the money to burn remember last year Zhang Xinyu sun micro-blog cosmetics, piled up to close down the scene, Barbara said that her very own understanding, after all is true. In her dresser, she seems to be beauty tools party, a table full of beauty and good greasy brush. Karlie Kloss and supermodel on a trip to France is to burn into the pockets, not only Bedma Shu Yan multi effect cleanser, cleansing towel, also into kangru gentle times protection spray, disposable caudalie grape queen classic big water and so on a good, it is worthy of looking girl! Not only the makeup, skin burn, bathing is not down, look at Delevingne’s supermodel Poppy are placed on the edge of the bathtub? Light bath products have ancestors? Ma Long Chanel, Paris, Kerastase, Neom Organics, this combination is not bad money Ba sister also want one! See so many star supermodel dresser, is not already eager to chop hands? Don’t worry, especially for this season ‘sister the latest products let you take in the grass! I don’t support only a "bottle to me looking" are small is essential travel home these years, brown packaging can effectively isolate the active ingredients in the sun on destruction, but the design or inverted dropper Ba love with the sister, you may find this a bottle hose is in the middle of may press. The bottle upside down the essence will flow along the hose to the exit, and then pinch the hose, you can get the essence of the dew, easy to control the dosage, but also does not cause waste. See the limited chop hands addicted to your attention, this set of new fathers? Ma Long Vanilla Garden Limited perfume you see a ballet sister Paul)相关的主题文章: