Pay inflection point, POS machine can live long

Pay inflection point, POS machine can live long? The financial world, Lu Hualei written the manuscript two is enough to cause the line to pay based on the fact that the industry shocks. September 6th, the central bank to implement a new credit card fee policy. Issuing bank, UnionPay, third party acquirer is no longer divided into the proportion of 7:2:1, the first two of the implementation of the new charges, the third party received a single structure, the implementation of the market price adjustment". Frankly, the new policy to protect UnionPay and issuing bank earnings, but the third party acquiring company to market. A total of 13 years and the bank, China UnionPay, acquirers "three brothers" for the end of a piece of paper and collapse – Kara, fast money and other three party collection day single institution "lay money" gone. Another crisis comes from the mobile Internet, Alipay and WeChat in the popular today, people can no longer as a payment channel pay tolls". In the 2016 Mobile World Congress, general manager of Visa products in Northeast Asia and digital innovation business Zheng Daoyong said of the financial world, even in the world, the application of Chinese in mobile wallet, Alipay, WeChat and other aspects also lead the world. Worldwide, the proportion of mobile phone users to conduct e-commerce activities is 35%, China’s proportion is much larger than the number of up to 35%, up to 55%. Alipay and caifutong originally paid under the line to seize a large market share of the company Alipay, who is more like to reform the system of union life. This allows acquirers facing an embarrassing situation: before the policy of containment with UnionPay system for many years the third party, after the Internet Co chase these machine dependent POS company started the decide on what path to follow? We interviewed the friends of the card, Hua Li, quick money, record their decisions at this critical moment, hoping to look at the transition from the various companies in the industry changes. Although the road of life is very long, but the key is only a few steps." Author Liu Qing 50 years ago in the history of entrepreneurship, the same applies to today’s entrepreneurs and companies. Repositioning the POS machine starts from a business into a free service. "After two or three years, with the single line based payment companies will be significantly reduced, the fight began immediately….." The 38 year old Xu Guobing smoked a cigarette, a hissing sound mouth. 10 months ago, he became friends of the card payment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as card friends) CEO. Card was founded in 2003, is a national bank card payment company in the country, in 2015 was listed company, China intelligence acquisition. Over the past 6 years, the central bank issued a total of more than 270 different types of payment licenses, such as card friends only hold a bank card collection license under the pure line of about 40 companies. They use POS machines to provide credit card payment services to businesses, and in the subsequent transaction to earn fees. For example, consumers in the dining entertainment through the card’s POS machine credit card spending 100 yuan, of which $1.25 will be issued by the bank, UnionPay and receiving institutions (card friends) by the proportion of 7:2:1 in the proportion of three.相关的主题文章: