Parents are not your servant, cannot serve you for a lifetime, you from the small – maternal Sohu kamikaze love

Parents are not your servant, cannot serve you for a lifetime, you from the small – Sohu maternal and child only child with no brothers or sisters, only people close to mom and Dad, grandma and grandpa, grandma Grandpa, this little baby and several people closest to the only one, is the whole day and his playing the man. The closest people all day in the baby complaining hundred, buzz, has become a kind of helpless as the shadow follows the form, the habit of. This habit gave the baby a sense of security, but also gives the baby specific sticky dependent personality, in the little world, and only one handed possession, no second so close and trusted by the people. Adults and children is just a contradiction, the adults are very sick and tired of the sticky baby, baby as long as there is a sense of security only. So the adults will feel very tired, physical, mental fatigue and tired of all kinds of. Baby from birth, to go through a number of independent stages, if the excess is good, the baby’s independent character will come naturally. If the excess is not good, there will be an adult can not be independent of the phenomenon. Thirty from milk, milk man, ha ha, I think these are not independent consequences. "Clothing to hand, please eat a ready-cooked meal moms," you have to wait until what time is the boss? I would like to ask the princess master, no one waiting for you, how do you live? Mom, do you like life is born, destined to put children as a young princess wait for a lifetime? Children, don’t you born young princess life, doomed to have the same girl’s parents serve you for a lifetime? You may say that this kind of giving and receiving is a kind of happiness. Oh, do not want to see you, whose life is long, pray your parents gave you down, so you can always be happy to pay and accept. If you have a long life, you should learn to be independent from now on. At least in their parents, no one to wait days, not hungry, not reaching no clothing, no mouth meal ", not a little things will only make a face Meng forced expression. Well, said a long time not independent of all kinds of sad reminder, now talk about how to cultivate the independent character of the baby slowly! Baby born, leaving the mother, which can be said to be the first step of independence. Separate from the milk is the second step, and then on the kindergarten. These three periods still need a sense of security. I personally do not agree with the hard way of separation, hard plug to baby independence. For example, from the milk, tough to separate the child and mother a few days this way. For example, the baby Park, regardless of the child crying, the children throw away the teacher. The child will feel the whole world lost the sense of security, a very lonely and helpless, will feel at a loss. Do not simply think that the children cry for a while will not cry, do not simply think that the habit of good. This sudden sense of helplessness and insecurity will accompany the baby for a long time, even a lifetime. Although I know that my mother will come back, but the baby is more worried that the mother will not throw me, not me". So my advice is to give the kids more hugs!相关的主题文章: