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Parents and children to talk about their childhood story – the mother and daughter of Sohu recently very strange, small red beans and two brothers are always rushing to chat with me. They accompany me lying in bed, occasionally listen to gossip far apart from each other, I complain, complain, even when my advisor, give me all kinds of advice and reminders. Suddenly, I felt like I was suddenly turned into a child, being taken care of by their two siblings. Today, I asked them what the two, what is the reason? I did not expect his son said: "recently, your friend died, all of you seem a little change, looks a bit melancholy, need someone to accompany." I was really touched! When the child began to care about the mother, sharing the mother’s mind, is not meant to be a good day when her mother has come? Every adult heart, how many have unspeakable secret, may be a hidden wound, a violation of morality experience, or fuzzy childhood bears the imprint. After years of washing, grow up to become another myself "". I often feel that there are two souls in the body of the little Nicola: an extreme sensibility, an extreme reason. Sometimes suddenly took me to the two different direction of the run, let me feel the torture, it often takes some effort, the two soul pull back and I sat down and communication. May, within each one of us, more or less there are some contradictions and conflicts, sometimes not necessarily unspeakable secrets, but say, think and have actually occurred, rather baffling access, it is very difficult to use with the child in two words or three clarity. Therefore, when we think of ourselves as a child, perhaps a little embarrassed, and even feel that there is a big gap with the current. For example, in reality we often hope for children, good people, good health you mind. But calm down to think about their appearance at the age of the child, maybe you will find themselves more difficult than children, but also trouble, and even some difficult to break through the bottleneck. "Sunshine little beauty", "children can not participate in their parents’ childhood, but when the child met his mother (or father), what will hit the spark?" This is a very interesting imagination. In fact, many children love to listen to their parents young story, when you try to be honest about your childhood in front of the children (although sometimes find it difficult to face or do not want to admit), try to observe "the child back to mother’s childhood, mother will want to change what?" And "the reality of the mother, but also want to change the child," the two control each other, perhaps you will be able to accept the reality of the child, know how to communicate with him, or better understand the real self. No matter how mature adults, sometimes forget how to grow up. Let the children accompany you to go back to the time machine! If we can borrow from the back of his childhood to understand that children, adults also have advantages and disadvantages, also can not do, perhaps can reduce the requirements of the child rearing, reduce anxiety, become happier parents. "Mother makes herself, the child can be herself.".相关的主题文章: