Dragonrise X7 will be listed in September 6th pre-sale 7.98-14.98 million car – Sohu 9c8836

Dragonrise X7 will be listed in September 6th pre-sale 7.98-14.98 million car new car Sohu – Sohu [] days ago, we learned from the official channels, hanteng’s first models X7 hanteng in September 6th will be officially listed for sale. The new car will include two kinds of power, including 1.5T and 2.0T, including a total of 8 models, the pre-sale price range of 7.98-14.98 million. Dragonrise X7 adopts the design style fashion young, grille, front bumper and joined the chrome trim to improve the delicacy of the headlights group using LED light source and lens xenon headlamps collocation. The new car in the rear part of the use of a total of two pairs of exhaust design, and the use of chrome tail throat decoration. In addition, the new car is also equipped with front and rear bumper lower silver chassis scuff plate, further highlighting SUV hard breath. Dragonrise X7 provides 9 kinds of body color choices for consumers, including ordinary black, Snow White 2 kinds of ordinary paint, and carbon black, white, silver ore ore, starlight brown, Melbourne red, deep blue and gray space in seven kinds of metal paint. Interior part, hanteng X7 uses a variety of material collocation, the overall layout drawing on some existing models of design elements. The configuration, according to the different level of configuration X7 hanteng equipped with xenon headlights, exterior mirrors automatic folding, panoramic sunroof, electronic parking, keyless entry, power tailgate equipment etc.. Power, X7 1.5T and 2.0T hanteng provide two engine options, the former maximum output power of 149 horsepower, peak torque of 215Nm, matching the 5 speed manual gearbox; the maximum output power of 190 horsepower, peak torque of 250Nm, matching the 6 speed dual clutch gearbox.相关的主题文章:

Zheng Shuang, Gao Yuanyuan, fell into the black hole! (video) jessica rabbit

Zheng Shuang, Gao Yuanyuan, fell into the "black hole""! [Abstract] some people think it is ugly, someone on it favors the better; it is flat shoes or Muller Aladdin’s lamp. Prince with "Morocco slippers"? In the face of the "bad taste black hole" in the world of slippers, I just want to say, "hold your tongue"! Gao Yuanyuan Zheng Shuang’s latest street shooting street shooting Jin Naying super hand-painted skills on the line shopping bags shoes became fashionable for second explosion, this is to walk "Tala Tala", pulled to the "dew heel slippers"; some people call it a "grandma drag" says it is called "leather sandals"; some people think it is ugly, it is better to have people preferred; professional and fashionable industry point of contention is whether it is flat shoes or Muller Aladdin’s lamp. The prince with a "Morocco slippers"? In the face of the world of slippers, bad taste black hole, compiled just want to say, hold back, come to devour me"! In order to keep up with the "slipper slipper" rhythm, let’s look at science: Euramerican Euramerican people street people street Euramerican street people first of all you have made, fashion inspiration always influence each other and evolving, so this really is the Slipper Muller dew heel shoes or a name called "Morocco slippers" – Babouche, in fact, there is no strict boundaries. Europe type street beat Europe type street of Euramerican people street by Marilyn · Monroe (Marilyn Monroe) Muller holds the red shoes we must not strange, bare, especially that the heel at the front end open toe shoes. Flat bottomed Muller shoes are just a few of them. Europe type street of Euramerican street people of Euramerican street people do so, part of the notes from here to you today, it is about the "Morocco slippers"; it maintains French name: Babouche, You’ll see. it is quite fashionable; the word is "babush" or Arabia. Persian "papush" ("pa" is the "foot", "push", especially those covering), flat, pointed style comfortable shoes slippers. Europe and the United States people take the streets of Europe and the United States to shoot the streets of Europe and the United States to shoot people Babouche street was born in Morocco, it is also known as "Morocco slippers". The traditional Babouche sole is made of leather, and the upper is usually a soft sheepskin or satin, decorated with a delicate embroidery or flowing. These beautiful and beautiful Babouche in Marrakech, a maze of market everywhere, also known as the local native people of Euramerican street of Euramerican street people of Euramerican street people and now popular Babouche, is a modified style; Muller shoes in the shoe a relatively rich change (for example,. Square and round…… Babouche) are generally pointed. In the summer of 2016 Muller street shoes collocation Look2016 summer Muller shoes street Look street people collocation of Euramerican a Muller shoes won’t have shoes, and some Babouche is directly to the shoes "stepped down" in (this is because Muslims in muslim.相关的主题文章:

Li Chao fund industry to return to the source of information management stick to the bottom line soojin

Li Chao: the fund industry to return to the source of information management adhere to the bottom of the information management Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the crackdown on information management products, rigid payment violations with the capital, capital pool – restricted class of non-standard financing, investment business, nested reporter Li Dandan, editor of Jian Ming Chinese Commission Vice Chairman Li Chao pointed out that the 30 subsidiary agencies of the fund industry should take the initiative to return information management information management source, adhere to the bottom line. In the standard fund management company and a subsidiary of private capital management business, the next stage, the Commission will crack down on illegal information management products Rigid honor, with funding, capital pools to touch the bottom line behavior, strictly limit the class of non-standard financing subsidiary, the nested class of business investment to strengthen the supervision of structured products. He attended the China Fund Industry Association organized the fund management company compliance risk control training will make the above statement. Li Chao pointed out that the public fund industry was founded eighteen years, the overall development of stable, standardized operation, maintaining a stable and healthy development momentum. At the same time, the industry is still in the early stages of development, especially in the subsidiary and private equity management business areas, but also accumulated a lot of problems and risks. Some institutions there is a deviation from the information management industry, "accountability of good faith, prudence and diligence" is not in place, lack of sustained long-term planning and other issues. Li Chao stressed that the industry should take the initiative to return to the source of information management, adhere to the bottom line of information management, investors around the responsibility to fulfill their duties, enhance the core competitiveness, combing and improve the business system and organizational structure. According to Li Chao introduction, the next step, the Commission will implement strict regulatory requirements in accordance with the law, continue to do a good job in improving the supply system. In the standard fund management company and a subsidiary of private capital management business, will crack down on illegal information management products Rigid honor, with funding, capital pools to touch the bottom line behavior, strictly limit the class of non-standard financing subsidiary, the nested class of business investment to strengthen the supervision of structured products. At the same time, the agency should be in the premise of effective control of risk, focusing on their own resources, to carry out private equity information management business. It is reported that the training will be invited to the Organization Department of the Commission has been released to the experts and the proposed regulatory rules to explain. The fund management company, the fund accounts of subsidiaries and Specialized Committee, business executives, fund management industry association funded private securities investment fund Specialized Committee members more than 350 people attended the meeting. THE_END Sina statement: this information reproduced from sina Associated Media, sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly, the risk of their own. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章:

The best time to maternal pregnancy to pregnancy body detox detoxification Sohu shuyue

Pregnancy how to detoxify your body? The best time to pregnancy detox? – Sohu maternal experts remind that every woman should take food before pregnancy, if the body nutritional supplement, it is best to let the body detoxification Quhuo, let the body "clean" to "pregnant", so specifically what should eat please? Look at the specific guidance given below. Bitter taste of food is the natural enemy of "fire". The reason is because of the bitter bitter food contains alkaloids, bitter substances such as urea class, Chinese medicine study found that these bitter substances antipyretic Qushu, eliminate fatigue. The best food devaluation bitter gourd, whether it is cold, stir fry or soup, as long as doing cooked bitter gourd and does not lose the "green", "to achieve the goal of" objective. In addition to balsam pear, and other bitter foods are also good "fire" effect, such as almond, bitter herbs, Kudingcha, celery, broccoli, etc., can also heat. In addition to eat bitter foods, this season Vegetable & Fruit, but also eat sweet refreshing fresh fruit and fresh vegetables. The expert points out, cabbage, cauliflower and watermelon, hawthorn, apple, grapes rich in minerals, especially the content of calcium and magnesium, silicon, magic Ning God, fire, so to eat these foods and eat. "The goal of" food: milk milk a lot of people think that drinking milk will increase the summer "lit", cause irritability, in fact, the summer blues is not only not "get angry", but also antipyretic drugs to anger. Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold, you can Ziyin, antipyretic drugs to play a "fire" effect, but also milk contains up to 70%% of water, can complement the human body in summer due to profuse sweating and loss of moisture. It should be noted that the milk is not frozen into ice, otherwise a lot of nutrients will be destroyed. Strawberry strawberry is not only delicious, but also medicinal value. Chinese medicine believes that it has a "fire" effect, Qingshu, antipyretic, chufan. Watermelon is cool, eating will not cause angry, upset, but also rich in potassium, can make up for a lot of human body caused by potassium deficiency. But pay attention to watermelon into the refrigerator not more than 3 hours. Soybean in Ziyin, "fire" at the same time also added because of the heat consumed by a large number of proteins. Although tomatoes and tomatoes are visible throughout the year, tomatoes are the most abundant, sweet and nutritious in summer. It can also be Qingrejiedu, flat liver heat "". The best time to pregnancy: pregnancy detoxification detoxification is indeed very important, but the method must identify, for sub health workers, their resistance is weak, the probability of toxic damage greatly increased. So parents are going to be pregnant three months ago, it is best to let the body completely detoxification, there is a clean body environment for pregnant healthy baby is very useful. Can you eat Detox drugs? If you often get angry, constipation, you can eat a little aloe and other health products, it is recommended that you do not have a pregnancy in the case of food, in the decision to stop before a week of pregnancy. However, there is no better than these circumstances do not eat, because it is three points.相关的主题文章:

The truth the constellation Taurus is not stupid I patronize to eat up (Figure) www.baid.com

The truth: the constellation Taurus is not stupid I patronize to eat up (Figure) silly Taurus only know what to eat! I will wait for him to come up, he doesn’t know! I said foot pain, he told me I exercise less! I exercise less and you say ah! They want your comfort…… Sina pigfish users love to say to the Sina constellation Taurus silly not to tease me patronize to eat sirloin to know first, feel shy, I take the initiative to chat with him or talk to OK. After the message, QQ is my initiative to send Bai, he will reply, but I am not every day, once every 2-3 days, see he did not take the initiative to have no hair, want to see his reaction. Late on Saturday night when he suddenly received text messages, invitations to Sunday creative park for a walk, this is his first time to take the initiative to send text messages and invitations, so also agreed to go. Chat on Sunday was OK, sometimes his ideas very much, but also take the initiative to ask me not to take pictures like, look at the creative park along quite naturally, not embarrassed, but the topic is still relatively small, I have been looking for the topic, I am afraid of myself saying too much, because he like ignore me, absent-minded, don’t know what to think to go. Sweat ah ~ that afternoon at about 5, the night did not intend to have dinner with him (because he did not take the initiative to know), but walked he said to be looking for food, let me lead the way (in the vicinity of my house), but I don’t often go to the nearby delicious, so do not understand later, just to find a room to sit down. Because we are eating dinner when he took the initiative to Hot pot, dish, saw me eating a bowl of a bowl and spoon to me (I also did not dare to pour tea, when they meet for the first time the dinner date was so active, I was amazed at dinner,) afternoon chat topic not easy, he said little that is, regardless of the food, and never looked up at me, but I have been watching him ah, ha ha, saw him eat sweating, really want to tell him to eat more slowly, but even said he is more shy, although he will head up, but not at me, look elsewhere. But when he looked at and, he is laughing like a child. After dinner, he offered to pay, I said after the AA, because for the first time to eat next time please let him feel shy, he must be a pit. Then I sent him to the subway mouth, because he did not go to the subway around, I’m going to say 88, he said to send me to the station, I said to the turn is very close, he said the different meaning. Well, he still occasionally intimate. In the afternoon of creative park a lot of walking the road, I told him to stop and rest he did not seem to hear, then came home and asked me today tired, he was really mad. Then he laughed at me and said I could go for a run next time…… On Monday, I said foot pain, he called for, to see what his reaction, he said only a pig called people lost compensation, where less movement will make compensation, really he was furious. Two days ago, I took the initiative to ask him to go out this weekend to play, he said to be on duty, I say it, then no contact. He is so passive, I do not know whether it is possible to continue to take the initiative to ask him to eat, because he usually also late work, home is also very late?相关的主题文章: