Open the brain a little intelligent bicycle bell from the start (video)

Open the brain a little intelligent bicycle bell began from the Tencent digital news (Eskimo) by bike is a lot of people prefer the green way to travel, but as a kind of traditional traffic tools, the bike itself is not much of the content of science and technology. But now, a device known as the ultimate bicycle tool claims to have the ability to change this. Shoka Bell multifunctional bicycle bell is the ultimate tool safety the most important function of bicycle body, but the ability of Shoka Bell is its further strengthening. In supporting application programs, it can provide a variety of different tones to remind the vehicles and pedestrians, shrill alarm in the thief patronage, to provide navigation function when traveling, track your riding habits at the same time. Shoka Bell built-in 8 different tones, the user can quickly control the joystick on the fuselage. These rings can be for different objects, such as pedestrians ting-a-ling courtesy reminder, or for the higher volume of car horns. You can even record your personal information. In addition, Shoka Bell can automatically adjust the volume according to the background noise. In the navigation function, you can set the destination on the phone, and then Shoka Bell will show the direction of the arrow on its surface, thus eliminating the need to repeatedly check your phone navigation route trouble. If there is congestion in front of the road, it can also send a reminder. Shoka Bell has a headlight function, which is designed for the design in the city on the road. The built-in 8 LED lights can provide enough brightness, but will not let the other side feel dazzling. And the bell, Shoka Bell headlight brightness can also be adjusted automatically according to the surrounding environment. Shoka Bell is used to fix the clamp on the handlebars and a motion sensor, when the detected moves, it will sound the alarm and remind your mobile phone through the application range of the signal function of a maximum of 250 meters. Shoka Bell is currently being raised on the Kickstarter, priced at $79 (about 527 yuan), is expected to be shipped in March next year. Source: Kickstarter life boring? Concerned about the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), the old driver with you the whole point of the new play!相关的主题文章: