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| China on miscellaneous communications industry since the media first remember SHARP mobile phone? It back to China flagship high-end market on Wednesday, two models for China market new SHARP mobile phone officially released, which is from 2003, 2008, SHARP mobile phone to enter the domestic market after the failure of the return. The difference is, on a SHARP mobile phone or a Japanese brand, with the completion of the acquisition of SHARP’s mobile phone, SHARP now has become a domestic brand. Experts said that Foxconn strong supply chain and manufacturing strength, coupled with the original SHARP in display technology accumulation, let the new SHARP mobile phone will be more competitive, but this kind of fusion gene can make its success in the fierce competition in the domestic market is not easy. 58 city full implementation of the "996" working system accused of forcing employees to resign yesterday, the online news that 58 city will be the full implementation of the "996" working system (9 to 9 pm, 6 days a week), and without any subsidies. CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city micro-blog employees suspected siege. In this regard, the 58 city responded that the annual 9, October is the peak of the platform business, there will be regular mobilization, but the company will not force everyone to follow the provisions of the "996" to arrange work. However, more people believe that this is actually 58 disguised layoffs move, hoping to force some employees to resign. Internet commentators said the Lanna evening, is a chicken Thief: "there may be layoffs after 58 and go to the market with the idea. There is a saying that: 996 is to allow people to stand up, so the initiative to resign, so that the company will not have to compensate employees 3+N. If layoffs, in accordance with the provisions of the labor law for compensation, the cost is still high, but the employees do not need to take the initiative to resign his compensation. We can imagine, in a company which, very motivated people generally do not resign at this time, but those usually more slack people may not receive the resignation, chicken thieves enterprises will be able to reach our goal: no extra cost to cut the number of employees, re integration of the company’s fighting capacity." Before the sale of HP enterprise software business or private to spend billions of dollars to offer traditional IT giant HP has been split into "HP" and "HP" (HPE) the two companies, in order to avoid personal computer business business dragged down sunset. According to the British Reuters, HP company is also preparing to sell its software business, the selling price in 80 to $10 billion. Do not want to pay taxes in the EU? Apple or some overseas cash back according to foreign media reports, the European Commission ruled that Apple needs to pay the Irish 13 billion euros ($14 billion 500 million) after tax, apple CEO Tim · Cook (Tim Cook) said that the company may be the fastest in 6相关的主题文章: